10 Unique Gift Ideas for Men – and the Impossible Man 2019

I have several men in my life and I am always looking for unique gift ideas for men, especially impossible men who SAY they need nothing. The normal gifts of shavers, socks, ties, clothing are always acceptable, but boring. So I set out to discover this year’s unique gift ideas for my men and here they are.

1 – Estarer Laptop Messenger Bags

I bought one of these for my husband 2 years ago and it is still a hit! Because a messenger bag is very practical, it works as the perfect unique gift for the impossible man. It can be used for work or fun travel.

Make sure you purchase high quality, water-resistant one with several internal pockets as they will get used a lot! nothing better than seeing a gift paid for with hard-earned money being used.

The Estarer messenger bags are Amazon Choice products and rate 4.3 with over 400 good reviews.

Full review here.

2 – Branded Car Accessories – Logo Projection Lights+ Led Cup mats

It may sound tacky but these unique gifts for men and women are for the car-obsessed. They are fun and add a smile and are gifts that keep on giving and aren’t expensive. You can order logos for several brands of cars on Amazon and even get specially designed emblems!

Add the logo waterproof cup mats with led lights for extra style.

Check Audi here

Check Minis here

Logo cup mats here

Led logo cup mats

4 – Reverse Camera Kits

boscam reversing camera unique gift for men
Easy instal reversing camera

While we are on cars, if your guy has an older car, he might enjoy this unusual and practical unique gift for men and women which is Amazon Choice rated. The reversing camera addon is easily installed and waterproof. It sits at the rear license plate lighting position and provides a view to the rear of the car for reversing, useful enough for anyone and easy enough to install yourself for your loved one.

Find the full details here.

5 – A Uniquely Stylish Waistcoat For Occasions

I’m not great at dressing up smartly or even recognizing what IS smart…until recently at a wedding when male family members dressed up in suits and looked amazing! The waistcoats they wore were so cool! A suit shop owner once told me the waistcoats add the “play” to the suits. A quality waistcoat would definitely be a unique and quality gift for a man who likes or even needs style, I think this would be treasured even if only worn to special events.

You can choose a fun and bright one if that is the character of the man in your life or a more neutral grey, black or blue with exquisite pattern or detail which can be used for funerals or weddings or business! Add on the ties, kerchief and socks to complement for a larger gift.

This gift may need some footwork to your local gents store rather than an online buy as you will want to touch the fabric, inspect the lining etc.

My present local gents store is in Derry Londonderry. A Different Class is a lovely small treasure trove where an expert waits for your visit to assist you. But wherever you are, check out your quality menswear store and ask your local expert for advice about suits and accessories.

Have fun!

6 – Especially For Gamers

Yup, I have one of those gamers in the house too. I couldn’t tell which avatar or which version of which game to buy (very specific to gamers) – so it was no point going there. But we did buy a super high tech, back air venting, posture improving (with headrest), Bluetooth enabled gaming chair and it was met with extreme excitement. So I would have to recommend this as a gift.

The great thing is that it also fits perfectly for the work-at-home impossible men, student dorm rooms (see my earlier post), and your home study makeover (using an Amazon virtual room) because they are so well ergonomically designed. It’s a unique gift for men with wide appeal, with a variety of choices in bells and whistles. Make sure you buy one that can allow the headphones to Bluetooth or plugin!

7 – The Outdoorsy Accessory

It’s tempting to include funky swiss army knives or bike helmets or trekking boots but they are things which those who do those ports wnt to have their own choice. In which case, a gift voucher to their favourite store or online may work but can feel impersonal(even if the recipient really likes them!)

For the men who are always, biking, canoeing, barbequing, running, hiking, go-karting and whatever else they do outside, I have found that these simple yet very cool gloves have always received nods of approval.

What makes them an outdoor piece of kit rather than a fashion item? Their special grip…and they do grip well and still look sporty not dorky. It’s an elegant. useful, unique gift for the impossible man in your life and can be combined with maybe a pair of cool sunglasses or goggles or trendy flat cap or cap…or just given alone!

8 – The Music Lover’s Joy – Bose

 the bose speaker alexa compatible  gift for men
Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless music system

Whether they love to listen to a concert or to play the music, quality sound makes a difference and using Sonos or Bose make the favourite songs sound amazing. It may be better to get a version that can be private for personal enjoyment or can connect to an instrument or is able to broadcast the same quality to a party but that will be your choice based on budget and knowing what your special guy will want.

With the Bose wireless speaker, you get fantastic features every musical guy would love.

  • Works with your home Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices so you can play almost anything you can imagine
  • One-touch access to music services (Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, Spotify), Internet radio stations and your stored music library with six personalized presets
  • Powerful control with the SoundTouch app for your smartphone or tablet

9 – Is there a Naturalist Photographer In the House

A lot of men enjoy the great outdoors and the stories of nature. (Personally, it all looks too violent to me). For those naturalist trips and holidays, a monoculars would be a treat! Or maybe a fixed one at home to view out the window at the stars, the ocean, or countryside. These would provide hours of enjoyment to the right person. So here are the quality ones I think are worth the money.

unique gift for men monoculars
Unusual monoculars

But the problem is they can’t take a photo with the binoculars and show people what they saw! And that’s where this super powerful superzoom camera wins the day as my second most favourite gift. The smartphone can’t compete….yet. And these cameras will be easy to carry and provide the opportunity to of a binocular and the ability to share.

Panasonic DMC-TZ60EB-K Lumix Compact Digital Camera 

This Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70EB-K Compact Digital Camera camera is compact and lightweight and provides 30 times zoom. As an Amazon Choice product it is endorsed as great value for money and quality.

Get full specification here.

Lumix Camera

Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera

This camera has a whopping 83x zoom, extendable to 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom! Things not visible to the naked eye are clearly seen through this lens. You can also share images anywhere, using the one-touch Wi-Fi button or tapping the NFC enabled camera to a smart device.

Get full specs here.

10- Got a Budding Chef / Fitness Guru?

the impossible man gift for the blogger

Actually make that a Guru …of ….whatever? My bro is a brilliant cook and creates vegan and vegetarian meals and desserts which are …yum yum, even to a meat-eater like me! Sure we can gift them the great hotpot or coffee machine or even kitchen tools….they are all nice gifts. But why not let them spread their speciality know-how with a smartphone videoing kit and blast Youtube and Instagram. They could create their own channel !

If your impossible-to-buy-for man is passionate about anything they want to write or share about, this video kit makes it easier for them to film and upload their content.

You never know it may even pay you back. Get the full details here.

LED Ring Light 10″ with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for Live Streaming.

That’s A Wrap

Literally….I hope you found something to inspire your gift-giving. I could do the normal ideas but hey… everyone else is, soI will just stick to my tried and tested unique gifts for impossible men.

Let me know how you get on by sending me a like or comment!

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