Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019 [House and Garden]

The best Amazon Prime Day deals of 2019  for house and garden are about to happen  – so get ready for them by signing up for Prime.There are so many deals that we cannot feature them all, so we chose a few to get you interested!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I will consider to buy one of these, they aren’t cheap, but in these kind of days it is nice to see articles and discounts. It will save a lot of money, our garden needs work, so I will show it to my wife, and we can discuss what we need. 

    1. You are right. Not cheap. But my experience is, especially with gardening tools… cheap = buy it again. That’s why we check the items we suggest very carefully. Buying the same item again is usually more expensive than carefully selecting a better quality from day one! Plus … it’s 4 tools not one. You will be saving in the long run.

      Plus, right now with Prime Day coming up in a couple of days, you can get deep discounts on Amazon on everything in your shopping cart if you join Prime even if it is for 30 days FREE trial (and then you cancel before the 30 days is up).

      You could buy something small for your family member and add the tools and because the small item gets 20% off, the expensive thin will get 20% off too! How cool is that? Only on Prime Days 15 and 16th as a Prime member.

      You will end up saving!

  2. The xceed 4 in 1 cutter looks like my kinda tool.  The price seems very reasonable considering it doing the job of 4 tools in the first place and also takes up a lot less space.  I not 100% sure what prime day is.  But it did point me to this particular tool which I need.  And at a price that is quite a bit lower than I was going to pay anyways

    1. Hey Sam, 

      I was hoping someone with more garden experience would comment on these gardening tools! I love  cleaning up my patch and tackling the garden in summer but I am no expert! I just liked the fact that, for a good price  I got 4 tools in one…for hedges, lawns, edgings etc.

      If you are a Prime member on Amazon you can avail of HUGE savings with Amazon Prime Day which officially runs for 36 hours 15th and 16th July. Things will sell out . And deals have already begun.

      But as a Prime member , even on the 30 day FREE trial , you can take advantage of things up to40% off and get them shipped to you in a day or two free with Amazon. Prime also offers deals on movies, gaming, live music concerts and music platform deals. It is a market disrupter you don’t want to miss!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on these amazing deals! They certainly do not come by everyday. I especially like the multi brush cutter grass trimmer. Have been looking for something like this for a while, and this one seems to be of good value. 

    I always appreciate being updated on good offers on Amazon, as I’ve missed a few good deals myself. Keep up the good work!

    1. Welcome Joe. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific in future…and I will research them. I like knowing what people are looking for….

      So take advantage of the deals on the 15th…i think deals have already started…

  4. Hi there, Thanks for notifying this amazing amazon prime. I am the total fan of amazon.
    I also would like to appreciate about Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.I prefer to make coffee with the coffee maker and bring my friends to my house(LOl)
    Yep, You’ve spot on, It’s given 4 star review and seems it’s worth to invest on it.
    Thank You

    1. You and I both need to earn some dosh to afford this beauty!!! 

      But consider how much i could save from the coffee shops…quality fresh ground coffee in my own to go reusable cup, made while I’m getting ready for work… pretty cool…..! It’s really not that far off. With the Amazon Prime Day deals knocking off 43% on its price, i will have paid for it in a year or less of not visiting Starbucks!

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