Our Top Rated Small Insulated Corner Summerhouses – 2019

  Our top rated small insulated corner summerhouses are on display on Amazon and Ebay for summer! And some are even discounted so go nab one now!




If you live in the UK or Ireland, you get used to  erratic summers which are sometimes wet and cool, sometimes sunny and bright. A small corner summerhouse in your garden (even if yours is a small garden) can be a useful addition while adding some extra chic and style.Summerhouses have so many uses!


Let Me Count the Ways…To Use My Summerhouse

We pinned lots of our favourite small corner summerhouse ideas on our Pinterest board for you just so you would have a few ideas for your own project so have a look!

  • a guest suite (check out this example here for full income!)
  • an studio/office
  • a retreat from a noisy household
  • a tea  and BBQ room
  • a playhouse-kids and adults alike
  • a spa house for a jacuzzi hot tub

Insulated Vs Standard Corner Summerhouses – Which?

All summerhouses will be require a bit of investment. The lesser expensive ones without insulation are fine for summer but cannot really be used during the cooler winter months. If you are going to spend the money buying a summerhouse, it makes sense to look for a good deal for an insulated one which can be used 12 months of the year instead of just 3 – 4 months.

All The Different Terms!

insulated small corner summerhouse set in garden
A stunning small corner summerhouse with a very fancy roof!

A summerhouse is the garden structure which is normally enclosed  and roofed but  is basically a glorified shed…just a frame with boarding and some windows ..normally styrene or plexiglass.

A gazebo is the same but open….no doors or windows but more trellises. It is also roofed.

A garden room is often fully enclosed and insulated  – normally used

for working, gym, guests.

Most suppliers of summerhouses and garden rooms or log cabins will be able to provide insulated and non-insulated versions but be ready for the price difference!

Insulated corner summer houses (or garden rooms/cabins) also better constructed. Because of the insulation they tend to be more sturdy, with less drafty gaps. More secure roofs and floors. They even assemble with more accuracy because of the added insulation component.


Temptation – Price Difference

You will be tempted by the cheaper summerhouse options. They look just as good for about 1/5-1/10th of the price!

BUT…don’t be fooled. Although we have found some that are closer in price…(a difference of about 50% instead of 90% increase for insulated vs standard, small , non-insulated summerhouses.)

It is important to consider HOW this space of yours will be used and changed in its lifetime and how to stands up to the weather.

Also consider your own ability to do DIY work like insulating roof and walls if ever you choose to do so.It may be better to purchase an insulated summerhouse which is professionally built.

The prices increase with insulated models which have double glazed windows instead of styrene or plexiglass windows to make them snug and warm. (The cost is up front, saving on heating costs in winter months.)The walls and roofing are always thicker as they have sandwiched insulation  and a double wall. The flooring is more sturdy in an insulated room too.

That’s where your money goes!


Extend Your Home!

These small insulated corner summerhouses can become an extension to your home whether you have a mansion or a small terrace with a square patch garden. At Islandhomeplans we are always looking for quality value and ways to make that cost return on investment for you. The corner design always adds interest to your outdoor room space and depending on the design, sets the tone for your garden and increases resale value of your home, whatever the size.

If the summerhouse is insulated and even big enough to house a bathroom, you have an instant money earning rental or home office where you can hold lessons,  or run a small business.



However, if you are tight on cash, you can buy a non-insulated corner summerhouse and DIY your insulation. It may work out less expensive but the biggest component to success there, is the original quality of summerhouse that you purchase and your own care and attention to workmanship quality. But stay tuned, we can also show what you will need to do this in future blogs if there are enough requests!


Which Insulated Small Corner Summerhouse to Buy?

Beware of the enticing cheap deals. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it never pays to buy cheap – you always buy twice. And with a small corner summerhouse, that can be a bit costly.  
Because these options here are sold online, it is imperative that delivery costs are included to your price  and you should also check about returns policy!

 There are so many summerhouses/garden rooms for sale, we could be here all day going through each one. I personally love quirky cutesy summerhouses and very modern ones also. But at the end of the day the budget has to provide me with

  • quality
  • a space fit for purpose (year round use for me!)
  • style- and style can easily be added
  • delivery
  • ease of assembly

I don’t go by Amazon’s best sellers as people often buy the lowest price which can be a recipe for disaster. But Amazon’s Choice is often a better bet…


We have  listed our 3 top rated insulated small corner summerhouses and garden rooms which hopefully will  make you very happy! (Send us a pix and let us know how it went for you!)


1.  8 x 8Ft Insulated Corner Summerhouse from Ebay 



This corner summerhouse is perfect for today’s small gardens because it can tuck itself into  the corner but still have lots of light and aspect.

It is small enough for  a sofa bed or bistro or desk  and therefore has many uses.. We love the pitched roof with detail on the ridge rafter and long french doors which we believe should be double glazed.

 The 8 x 8 ft (2.4 x 2.4M) insulated small corner summerhouse is built with shiplap construction and insulated walls. Available also as an non- insulated summerhouse. Wide variety of sizes and models from this reputable UK supplier. Comes with delivery to your timetable and installation is provided in most areas!

SELLER:  EBAY Tranter Garden Buildings

EBAY PRICE: £1200 – £2000

DELIVERY: Free within 50 miles. Charges apply further afield so please check with sellers.

8x8 small insulated corner summerhouse
Click here for this insulated small corner summerhouse!



This summerhouse – home offices, studio or whatever else they may be called – is a quality building. Manufactured using the most appropriate timber for the job,  and where strength is needed more substantial materials are used to build the frame so you can be assured your building will stand the test of time.

Because they manufacture and deliver their own sheds and summerhouses, Tranter suppliers can use standard 4 mm toughened safety glass and fewer panels and components making the assembly more accurate.

The company can provide a wide range of variations or do a made – to – measure buildings and ships free to some locations. Their delivery and fitting service is nationwide,  but you will need  to enquire for prices and options for delivery to  Northern Ireland and islands nearby.


13mm T&G throughout
18mm Exterior ply floor
35×45 Framework
65×40 Roofing framework (in large models)
4mm Toughened safety glass
40kg Green mineral heavy duty felt
Screwed construction
Stained in larch gold fungiside treatment
Roof comes as standard in 40kg green mineral felt covering.


  • 14mm double glazing from £50 per pane
  • Insulated walls 63mm thick from £200
  • 20 year torch on felt from £200
  • Timber external boarded roof from £200
  • Key lock hinged or sliding doors £70
  • Sliding doors £60 each (if not included)
  • External paintwork from £175
  • Upgraded thickness of – cladding, framework, insulation, and lining materials up to a maximum 115mm thick! Other thicknesses may be more suitable and cheaper for your building.

  • We selected this as our 5 star winner because:


  • made with strong materials
  • variety of models and even bespoke customization
  • easy to assemble and/or company assembles for you
  • it has multiple upgrades
  • customers rated it excellent


2. Waltons 10 x 8 Summer House 

curved roof small insulated shed
summerhouse non-insulated


insulated small summerhouse
insulated with external downlighters!

     measured drawing of small  non-insulated  

Seller: Amazon.com (see full range with Amazon Choice options!)
Sizes: Range from 8 x 8ft (2.4 x 2.4 – 20×10 ft  (6x3M )
Bonuses: At time of publishing discounted upgraded roofing felt 

Get Free Delivery (Normally £10) on 20m of Superior Duty Roof Felt in Olive Green when you purchase with this building (Terms and conditions apply)

PRICE : £979 for non-insulated 8x8ft (2.4 x 2.4M) Helios design (has slight roof curve )
£6400 for the 10x10ft (3x3M)
£9000 for the 20×10 ft small container size) 6x3M
for insulated 20x10ft (6x3M) with double glazing and thicker walls and floors


This modular contemporary design will be the perfect addition to a modern garden design or even at the bottom of narrow terraced gardens. There are two smaller models…the curved roof is the non -insulated small corner summerhouse while the slightly larger insulated small corner summerhouse/cabin has a roof overhang with recessed lights.

Both designs can be expanded and  with doors and window styles changed to your choice. The units come unpainted unless you request and pay for this in advance.The summerhouse normally comes with styrene windows and doors while the insulated version has double-glazed windows and doors.

The wood is dipped in an anti-rot solution which provides a 10 year anti-rot warranty providing you as owner maintain the treatments as the manufacturer requests.

Seller: Amazon.com (see full range with Amazon Choice options!)
Sizes: Range from 8 x 8ft (2.4 x 2.4 – 20×10 ft  (6x3M )
Bonuses: At time of publishing discounted upgraded roofing felt 

Get Free Delivery (Normally £10) on 20m of Superior Duty Roof Felt in Olive Green when you purchase with this building (Terms and conditions apply)

For insulation Office: free installation and delivery!

PRICE : £979 for non-insulated 8x8ft (2.4 x 2.4M) Helios design (has slight roof curve )
£6400 for the 10x10ft (3x3M)
£9000 for the 20×10 ft small container size) 6x3M
for insulated 20x10ft (6x3M) with double glazing and thicker walls and floors

Delivery:3-28 day delivery…you can pick your day and whether you want installation service

The Waltons Brand

octagonal small corner summerhouse
Click Here for More

Waltons is the UKs longest-running garden building retailer. They have been designing and manufacturing affordable and great quality sheds, log cabins, summerhouses and playhouses since their brand was established in 1878.

 They are focused on providing great service and ensuring that their structures are of the best possible quality. Waltons offers a wide array of garden buildings from traditional garden sheds to modern garden rooms. Discover your perfect space today, whether it’s for storage, an extra room for hobbies, entertaining, or a space for your children to play.

 Product Description

Garden Room Home Office – Wooden Traditional Design, Measures 3m x 3m, Pent Roof, Fully Insulated & Customizable – Includes 10 Year Guarantee, Double Glaze Safety Glass & Free Installation (3×3 / 3×3) by Waltons.

  • Under 2.5m in Height – No Planning Required
  • 10 year anti-roTguarantee 9conditional)
  • FREE Installation
  • Fully Double Glazed, 14mm thick Argon filled glass units
  • Fully Insulated Roof, Floor and Walls
  • 72mm thick, double skinned and insualted plain panels
  • Firestone EPDM roofing included to ensure the roof is watertight
  • Choose where the doors and windows are located
  • Additional Windows, doors and plain panels can be added.

This 3m x 3m Waltons insulated small corner summerhouse or garden room is modular and modern. It offers a spacious new area for your garden, whether to serve as an extension of your indoor life or provide an exciting new outdoor space for entertaining or even for making some money!

As the  Insulated Garden Room is modular, it means that you can place the doors, windows and wall panels in virtually any order you wish. This allows you to truly make this building your own, to use in empty dead corners and still catch  the sun in your garden. 

This garden room contains 4 glazed window panels, two with opening top windows for easy heat regulation. These are all double glazed for maximum energy efficiency. Spotlights have also been fitted into the roof overhang to illuminate the front of your garden room at night.

Most of our Garden Buildings come with a 10 year anti rot guarantee. During manufacture we apply a water based treatment which protects against fungal and insect attack.
This treatment only lasts approximately 3 months and will require re-application with the free treatment (if supplied) as soon after construction as possible.
In order to keep your building in tip top shape and maintain the 10 year anti rot guarantee, it will need re-treating at least annually. High quality spirit based timber preservatives provide even more protection, particularly against the rigors of weather and if used should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, but at least annually to preserve the 10 year anti rot guarantee.

Please Note: The price of this item includes full installation of the building into your garden. A firm and level base is required for this, either made of solid concrete or concrete slabs. It is recommended that the floor of this garden room is further covered by either carpet or laminate to reduce wear on the match boards.Also note that the garden room does notcome pretreated with wood preservative or painted and it is not part of installation. You may wish to request this and do it yourself.

Product Specification

  • Width: 10′ 5″ (3.2m)
  • Depth: 12′ 9″ (3.9m)
  • Roof Height: 7′ 10″ (2.4m)
  • Eaves Height: 7′ 3″ (2.2m)
  • Door Width: 4′ 11″ (1.5m)
  • Door Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85m)
  • Interior Width: 9’ 8” (2.95m)
  • Interior Depth: 9’ 8” (2.95m)
  • Cladding Material: 72mm Double Skinned Panel
  • Glazing Material: Double Glazed Argon Filled Units
  • Roof Material: Firestone EPDM Roofing
  • Floor Material: 16mm Thick Matchboard Tongue & Groove
  • Insulation Material: EcoQuilt throughout.


Information To Note

  • This building is delivered and installed for you. A solid, level base is required.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to follow the instructions outlined in the aftercare section of the building instructions.
  • All the garden buildings are delivered unpainted unless specified (additional charges apply). 
  • No accessories are supplied (eg shelves, etc as per pics)
  • As mentioned – the  timber will require a high quality timber preservative.
  • Exact product dimensions are supplied on the listing not the rounded dimension for sales, so please be sure to check sizes carefully.


Why We Selected It

We selected this as one of our summerhouses because;

  • small size and modern design (loved the little curve and the overhang with lightingon both designs)
  • installation service free
  • delivery… some is free
  • 10 year anti-rot guarantee (conditional)
  • flexibility of sizes and models (summerhouse, garden room, log cabin)
  • company brand (100 years of experience)


3. Garden Room/Office/Studio Fully Insulated and Installed 

Click Here For More

 We found this modern little box gem of an insulated small corner  summerhouse on Ebay.

 (Did you know they sold summerhouses? I didn’t!)

 It is small and simple and perfect for a garden corner. It’s fully  insulated, making it ideal as a studio or a work studio! And it comes  by courier and installation is included!

 The Hampton Grey range from Sanctum Garden Studios not only looks wonderful, but is great value for money.  These studios have been designed to fit into tight garden spaces and can be positioned right up to the boundary! 

Product: Hampton Grey Studio  summerhouse/garden room

Size:  2.4 x 2.4M (8×8 ft)

Where To Buy: Ebay

Delivery: FREE delivery in UK

Installation: Sanctum Studios installs and brings base so you will save!



Fully insulated, the Hampton Grey Studio is ideal for use as an office with enough space for a desk, chair and storage. Or maybe you can teach from there too!

This is the  2.4m x 2.4m model  (8 x 8 ft) – but Sanctum Studios also provides other sizes. What is unique about this small insulated summerhouse is that it is pre-wired with electrics in either the left or right wall and also includes a single door with two fixed glazed panels .  The door can be positioned centrally or to the right or left.  An external hook up plug allows the electrics to be connected easily via a caravan plug or you can opt for an external junction box which needs to be connected to your house mains.

You will have to add your own finish flooring as with other summerhouses but  you can buy flooring upgrades from Sanctum on Ebay. 

What’s cool is their adjustable steel base frame foundation system, which requires a level plot free from any vegetation or  position your studio on concrete slabs if they are already in place providing they are level and well laid. They can even place it on a slope but it maybe too tall for development rules.


  • Exact dimensions for the 2.4m x 2.4m Hampton Grey
    Exterior Width ( with the roof including overhang 2.8m)
    Exterior Depth (with the roof including guttering 2.75m)
    Internal measurements (2.25m x 2.25m)
  • Adjustable steel base frame and foundation system
    Your installation area will need to be cleared and as level as possible (if it is not level we need to see a photo in advance).  The ground also needs to free from any vegetation.
  •  Maintenance-free roof overhanging at the front and sides 
    This is made from a metal composite panel manufactured by Kingspan – a market leader in cladding, insulation and roofing products and has a lifespan in excess of 40 years
  • Dark grey weatherboard
    Using this cladding allows our Hampton studios to be positioned up to the boundary but only need retreatment in 5-10 years. 
  •  Fully insulated floor, walls and roof
    A ‘sandwich’ panel construction, applying various component layers during manufacture Aluminium faced PIR rigid insulation boards in the floor, wall panels and the roof – this is widely used throughout the construction  industry to help meet strict building regulations regarding energy conservation.  ( Superior to any of the multi-foil or fibre-based insulations for a  given thickness.  This type of insulation also protects against heat gain in the Summer months ensuring a comfortable temperature can be enjoyed year round.)
  • Tough interior wall panels ready to be painted with your own choice of colour
  •  Internal electrics in the right or left wall
    Including 2 double sockets, directional lighting and a light switch
  • UPVC single door with two fixed glazed panels 
    Anthracite Grey frames, double glazed with low e glass and with insurance approved multi point locking
  • Guttering and downspout
    Fitted at the rear
  • This studio will take just one day to install.  Once installed, you need a qualified electrician.


  • Delivery to site
  • up to 50 miles from PR6 £ free
  • 51-100 from PR6 £250
  • 101-200 miles from PR6 £350
  • 201-300 miles from PR6 £450
  • 301+ miles from PR6 £500
  •  Highlands, islands and Europe  please email with your details

Based in Lancashire but installing nationwide, Sanctum Garden Studios have gone from strength to strength since launching.  Their studios have been installed across the South, the North and the Midlands as well as in Scotland and of course in Lancashire and Manchester .


We are absolutely delighted with our new garden studio. From our first enquiry to the end result the whole process was hassle free and professional. The team were very punctual and worked from the minute they arrived. It was amazing to see how quickly the studio was built but still attention to detail. It has been well admired by family, friends & neighbours. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Many thanks.
Lorna & Raymond, Falkirk

I would like to thank you and the guys for a smooth and professional service from start to finish – I?m really pleased with the final product and the whole experience was superb – I would have no problems at all recommending you!
Shelley and Pat, Southampton


curved roof small insulated shed


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  1. I really love this. The “Somebody burned down my she shed” on that insurance commercial. I believe it was Statefarm. I like the details that were added as well. As a consumer, I look through every bit of info and photo that I can find to see if a product is right for me. Good job on giving the customer the visuals as well as the instructions. An actual video would be the icing on the cake. 

    1. Yes… it can be a she shed or man cave…lol. Glad you like the suggestions we highlighted but there are many more on the websites. And yes some do have videos…will remember to add those next time… I believe The Waltons summerhouses do have videos on Amazon.

      Glad you popped in….

  2. A nice selection of summer houses. Personally I’m interested in the Hampton Grey corner office. I am looking for more space at home but the garden of is not too big so it would tick both of these boxes. It is also insulated so I can use it during the winter months as well. It also means getting more peace and quiet!

  3. Hello. Thank you for this comprehensive post! I would go and buy one right away after your review, to be honest, they are so cute and would do our garden more comfortable and cosy.

    We would need to solve a bathroom so we will take some recommendation from your post definitely. We like the Ebay 8 x 8 corner home office, it looks so fancy and it could serve our purpose quite well I believe (after some adjustments of course).

    Good job, thank you again and I am looking forward to another post of yours.

    Best regards


    1. Hi thanks for your comments. There are summerhouses in the form of glamping pods or larger cabins that come with bathrooms fitted…or you can request them…..

      The 8 x 8 corner  summerhouses fit neatly into wasted corners and add value and style to gardens but they are small. Check your spaces with the rooms sizes inside your house so you use the right size summerhouse.

      Hope to hear you soon….

  4. Wow I really love these small summerhouses! I can’t believe how nice they are inside and more spacious than one might think. There are so many different kinds and there is room for creativity with them. There are so many uses for a summerhouse. I especially like the idea of a guest suite of studio/office. I think for a summerhouse I wouldn’t necessarily need insulation but if I was planning to use it into the fall and spring I definitely might consider it. Also I like the idea of it being a house extension. I agree I think for the price I would try my luck with the first one on ebay. I’ll definitely be saving your post for future reference, thank you!

  5. What a great concept. I live in Canada and wonder if there is something comparable here that people tend to use. Personally, I hope to buy a smaller two-bedroom home with a big yard for a garden. I think this would be an excellent concept however I could see it becoming a clone of a regular home. I would want it for my son and grandkids to sleep in when they visited, so I imagine it would actually be more of a guest house equipped with a bathroom and a separate bedroom.

    Another option would be to build something smaller that I could sleep in and let my guest sleep in the house.

    Enjoyed your post very much and I’m sure it will inspire many of your visitors to adopt this concept for their yards.

    1. Hi Ray, Thanks for commenting.

      I have to confess, I was getting seriously distracted by the many designs of summerhouses, insulated cabins, log cabins…lol! There are loads of sizes, types, pods…quirky, modern , oldy worldy, I specifically highlighted small garden space ones because many people don’t have big budgets…

      “Another option would be to build something smaller that I could sleep in and let my guest sleep in the house. “… so funny…but so true! At least you can get some personal space…..

      If you need help laying out your guesthouse… we at islandplanhomes.com can help as we are architects and have a group of professionals who work  many parts of the world.

  6. It’s a neat idea to have a small summer house waiting around the corner just waiting for summer to arrive.

    The various designs you have included in your post are just simply awesome. I like the Garden Room/Office/Studio Fully Insulated and Installed. Does it even have a restroom? It looks really small, and cozy from outside.

    From where I come, these types of houses are not popular because our seasons are quite different. I’m glad to have learned something new today.

    Great article. Well done. 

    1. hey… yes if you have a garden adding this little cabin has multiple uses! Like it could be an office or a guest house…it doesn’t have to be just for summer. Some…like the main feature image… do come with a little bathroom.  And the little camp pods with the bathrooms are insulated for the cold…even in hot countries, insulation makes the space cool.

      Best of all, get the right size and layout, you can make money renting out as Airbnb or Booking.com!

      Thanks again for the comment.

  7. It is great to see summerhouse around the corner of your garden. I have always dreamin of a summerhouse on my garden but dont have an idea on how to design and build summerhouse. I mght better to purchase summerhouse that is professionally built. My wife once told me about the summerhouse and her ideal design. I wanted to share this post to my friends. Thank you.

    1. Thanks  for commenting. I could design a garden summerhouse for you but …why would I when there are such good options pre-done.?..and some come with installation! If you do choose to buy send me a photo…I love to see what my  readers are doing…

  8. Thanks for the review of the best corner insulated summer houses that you can find online for 2019. I am in the market for one and while looking for review sites to see what is available I came across your website. The ones that you have highlighted are all very nice and would do the job nicely.

    There are some beautiful designs and they would fit perfectly for what I am looking for. The insulated versions and also installed packages would be the ones I need, as putting something like this together myself is like asking for trouble. I will let the wife have a look and see which of the ones you have highlighted she likes.

    I noticed that some have electrical wiring too that is really convenient. Being able to just hook up an extension cord when needed is ideal so no special alterations are required with the house wiring to get them working. The other things I notice are the expansive windows with all these houses. I like a lot of natural light so this is also ideal. Now I wonder which of them the wife will go for. I will take any of them!

    1. Lol…like the comment about the wife! I know insulated cabins or summerhouses are popular but the insulated ones …which are more expensive…are actually better value… and there are many more designs on the web and in log cabin centres …good luck!

      Thanks for commenting!

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