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Seriously – Calories Burned Watching TV

Really!  Serious calories burned watching TV? It is actually possible though,especially if you are overweight, with a little help from your friend , the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Desk Exercise Bike.

So how much would you burn? There are so many variances there, i will leave you to review the Livestrong article about calories burnt.  but an average for an overweight person is 360 – 600 calories an hour…possibly more based on your weight and bike speed. While watching your favourite Prime or Netflix movie.

But First …A Funny Story

So I wanted to get healthy and ride a bike over to my local sports hall every week. Calorie burning while watching TV seemed to be a joke -surely i had to put in serious effort!

I did the normal:- looked for bike deals on the web.( Wide variety there ! ) I didn’t want to spend a pile of money as the bike was just for fun – no major cycling tournaments!

I figured that perhaps I was smart enough to understand good and bad on the web. (HA!). I saw an offer of a cheaper bike …a do-it-yourselfer! Was cheaper too.

You Know What’s Coming!

Great I thought. I will build my own bike!

Off I went and bought my bike online and assembled it. So far so good. Went out for a ride… It worked!

That is …until the pedal fell off!

broken bike
A DIY Biker destroyed

I was riding a one pedaled bike! I couldn’t fix it as the screw threads were gone so I took it in to a local bike shop to get fixed. The technician inspected the bike.

“Wait, your wheel is about to drop off! And what’s up with your handlebars?”

So in the end we had to overhaul the WHOLE bike!

What a waste of money…and time!

Buy Cheap, Pay Twice

When I was at uni, one of my courses was in fine art…as in drawing and painting. My tutor was always heard saying “Buy cheap brushes and you will have to pay twice and it will work out more expensive than buying better quality supplies to start with!”.

Buy Cheap, Pay Twice

It’s the same on the web. I knew that.!. I KNOW that.but she still got drawn into the cheap bike lure. Buying the cheapest deals usually means you will pay twice and waste your money. Best to avoid them. I learnt my lesson, … again.

You get what you pay for.

Cheapest is never best unless you intend to throw it away. (Which , these days is common but very unenvironmentally friendly!)

Which leads me to the real point of this post – the fabulous calorie-burning-while-watching-TV recumbent bikes.

Our Favourite Recumbent Bike for Home is…

calories-burned-watching-tv on the Sunny recumbent bike

Buy It Now !

I kinda gush over this exercise bike.

I discovered the joy of recumbent bikes (versus other exercise bikes) one year when I was swamped with work. It was the only way I could exercise, take a break and watch a guilt-free movie all at the same time!

It was worth every penny…and this one is oozing quality. You won’t need to buy twice.

The Features Needed tor Calories Burned Watching TV

For those who don’t like exercising, any tool to encourage movement with features to ENJOYABLY push you to the next stage of fitness. The  Sunny recumbent bike has these great features:-

MULTITASKING MADE EASY: an  adjustable recumbent bike workstation

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: to check your progress of your fitness routine with the LCD monitor of this workout recumbent bike workstation desk

COMFORT: comes outfitted with  an extra  padded seat and seat back.

PORTABILITY: Transportation wheels

STEP-THROUGH DESIGN; design is less fuss, safer, and less strain on your back and legs when seating in and out.

sunny recumbent bike adjusting lever
Adjustable removable tabletop


  • Digital monitor measures time, speed, distance, calories, odometer
  • Switchable bottle holder from left to right side
  • Customize the height of the tray from 95 cm to 105 cm (37.5 in to 41.3 in)
  • Adjustable Inseam Height Min 73.5 cm (29 in) / Max 91.5 cm (36 in)
  • Multi-control magnetic resistance system
  • Max User Weight: 113 KG (350 LB)
  • Product Weight: 43 KG (95 LB)
  • Product Dimensions: 134.5L x 77.5W x 136H cm (52.8 in x 30.5 in x 53.5 in)

More details are here.

Buy It Now !

You will Work out Longer – and More

The great thing is, you can really enjoy the workout because you are focusing on other things! You will end up extending the bike workout to 45 minutes and even increase the resistance!

This is a quality bike. Other top-of-the-line brands with similar features and this matches them..

You won’t be buying twice.

Spec Information

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 53.3 x 11 x 34.6 in
BRAND Sunny Health & Fitness
UPC 815749011749
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 52.8L x 23.6W x 53.5H in
DIGITAL MONITOR: Time, speed, distance, calories, odometer
TENSION SYSTEM Magnetic Tension
ADJUSTABLE TRAY 4-Level Up/Down and 5-Level Forward/Back
SEAT DIMENSIONS 10.5L x 15.25W x 2H
INSEAM HEIGHT MIN/MAX Min 29 in / Max 36 in
WARRANTY 3 YEAR Structural Frame 180 DAYS Other Parts and Components.


Doctors Orders If You are Overweight

When it comes to weight loss and fitness for overweight people, doctors routinely recommend starting with an exercise bike at home, especially a recumbent exercise bike which supports your back and takes pressure off your joints. This encourages you to stay cycling longer and burning calories.

Even though you are exercising only the lower half on your body, it is the number one way to burn those calories and start you on a path to fitness.- without over doing the workouts!

Burn Calories.

Are recumbent bikes a good workout?

recumbent bike is a good choice for most people with neurological conditions since the bike provides a workout for individuals of all ability levels. It is safe and provides a low impact total body workout. Due to the low impact the recumbent bike reduces the risk of pain and can build strength


Can you lose bellyfat on a recumbent bike?

With a recumbent bikeyou can build your core and leg strength slowly while building up your endurance at the same time. Apart from losing fat on your belly,you can also lose fat on other parts of your body as well. The more calories you burn while you‘re working out, the more fat you‘ll burn from all over your body.Jul 18, 2018


Will recumbent bike help abs?

Bikes in general don’t target your tummy, but you’re abs will get the a small amount of work when you pedal a recumbent bike…Your glute muscles in particular will get a challenging workout on a recumbent.


Designed To Be More Solid

 the sunny redumbent bike wiith mini desktop -  Calories Burned Watching TV

  1. There are almost no residential bikes meeting this weight capacity! Most exercise\bikes support up to maximum 110kg (220lbs).
  2. This makes the sunny recumbent pretty special. To support additional human weight it has several features which should make you feel safer. I don’know about you but I pay the extra just for that! This bike boasts of:
  3. wider frame to add balance
  4. wider seat, backrest and padding for comfort
  5. self leveling feet for a stronger grip
  6. a stronger bigger frame again for balance and support
  7. Step through feature for ease of mounting and dismounting (less accidents and tripping)
  8. Adjustable seat which can position you further or closer to the pedals/ This is a big important feature many bikes do not have.

Safe For Every Age and Size

This particular recumbent bike from Sunny is perfect for any adult and even some children. This again is because of its pass through design where you don’t have to raise your leg and the sturdiness of it. A 90-year old can use it and so can a 6-year-old!

The Best Bit – Calories burned while Watching TV


When you discover that you are burning about 500 calories per hour while comfortably watching the news or a Prime movie,you will be ecstatic.

It will probably become your favourite way to exercise!

Plus it’s private , so you don’t even have to go out.

With the Sunny recumbent bike’s  mini removable desktop for your laptop (with cup holder!). It also has and an LCD monitor which not only provides modes but also tracks calories burned, distance, has different modes, among other things.

Buy It Now !


Pros and Cons


Supports lower back and muscles until you can ride without the backrest.
A heavy bike to move-even with transport rolling wheels
Can be used while you work or read movies with the mini tabletop The tracking LCD is not the most up to date. You may want to ask the manufacturer for an update or use a better app
Gradually builds up glute strength and reduces size over time - a bike for all agesmore expensive to buy because it is more solid to tahe up to 350 lbs.
More comfortable than most with a wider more padded seat and backrest.


So What Do People Think about this Bike?


There are good reviews in general about this recumbent bike. Click here to see them all.

Here is a sample. More are found here.

5.0 out of 5 starsLOVE IT!!! September 30, 2018

Verified Purchase  I have been struggling to find a way to get moving. that perhaps I was a work from home mom and I spend many hours on my computer. This machine allows me to comfortably work and exercise! I was worried that my laptop would not fit on the desk, but the desk is HUGE! that perhaps I was 5’8″ and I do not have any issues with my knees hitting the desk (which has an adjustable height). that perhaps I was very happy with this purchase and I would absolutely recommend!

Buy It Now !


And My View?

Think it’s pretty obvious! I spent a summer using this bike at a colleague’s home, spending an hour or so on it because I was busy watching stuff. I don’t like exercise for exercise’s sake. But I certainly burned the calories watching the TV on my device while pedalling away. Now I want one.

They are available without the table and for lighter weighing peoplebut  whichever you choose, it is worth having!

Our Recommended Product Reviews

On our islandhomeplans.com website, our recommende products which we review are therefore NEVER the cheapest. I simply don’t believe they will be good enough value for money for you and the rest of my audience. And I don’t want you paying twice!

We have an ever growing list of products we review. We check the bigger sites who have checked and double checked and tested products as a cross-reference. Which?, Wirecutter, Techcrunch, House and Garden, Houzz are all companies we refer to first. Even Amazon bestsellers are not necessarily good guides in themselves; we tend to refer to the verified  customer reviews as many fake reviews exist!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I forgot these things existed! While I am pretty active – My mom works from home and is in front of her computer a lot. This may prove very useful and invaluable to her! I will look into it more and recommend this this her. I appreciate the reminder and review!

    1. Yup…perfect for mums on computers at home! If you are in the USA the California company has additional models which may suit her also…some don’t have the desktop and some are elliptical. This model is designed for those whose weight will not allow them to use most exercise bike…

      Personally I get excited about padded wider seats…lol

  2. Great review of exercising on a bike while on a computer.

    I could definitely do with one!  But there is only one little problem… The price?!

    I could not find it anywhere…I checked the whole page especially around the specs and it was nowhere to be seen.  You should put the price in at least 2 spots on this post.  

    I really enjoyed reading about this bike and was disappointed not to be able to see the price of it.

    Please take note!

    1. Hi…good point about the price…except sometimes Amazon has sales and the prices go DOWN! So that’s why I just show the button. That way whenever you check, you get the latest deal!

      By the way.. its definitely not the cheapest bike – at last look over £260…but most exercise bikes don’t come with extra padded seats, backrest, desktops and ability to take 350 lb people!  But that’s WHY I want to buy it… it’s going to last me a few years at least!

  3. Amazing way of burning fat. Though I am really worried if I will be able to do it continuously even when watching. Anyway, it is a great info for us especially for those people who are too lazy to go to the gym and do some hard core exercise. I would like to know where I can buy it? If I click the buy it now button, it just go to the same url. 

    1. it does work! I don’t like exercising in gyms…Id rather go for a walk somewhere. So 10 mins on a bike is long for me. Last summer, staying at a friends house I was using this 45 mins each time because I was watching News or shows… and the settings kept me on track…going to get myself one of these!

  4. I hate exercise in general. For me it has to be different every time or I will feel like I am stuck in a routine. It is funny that you show this bicycle, I have something similar at home for my workstation at home. It is a compact elliptical without a handle. Not sure where it is now lol i remembered that I enjoyed it for a few months. But that bicycle with the laptop stand is genius, now I can binge watching Netflix without feeling guilty. Will check it out, thanks for the review

    1. lol…your comments are funny…and yes I had an elliptical too but I couldn’t relax soafter working a long day, i did not want to exercise!

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