Cheaper Room Makeover Ideas and What to Buy online

If you get bored with your decor and wish some cheaper room makeover ideas, let me show you  a few concepts  and what to buy online for less to achieve your stylish upgrade. You may not be able to buy the more expensive pieces from the  popular glitzy stores, but  you can achieve a cheaper room makeover with  these options  via Amazon.

Easing Cost on Airbnb and Other Rental Makeovers

If you need to spruce up your bedrooms or living rooms for future guests, these cheaper room makeover ideas will steer you in the general direction to products. We also highlighted the new virtual living room makeover showroom on Amazon which you can use.

Cheaper Room Makeover Idea 1 –  Freshen up the Old Sofa

 It would be awesome to buy a new Sofa in the Amazon showroom. But if you are stuck with an ancient one, use a sofa cover. Thre are many offered on Amazon. Ikea sells the Ektorp fitted covers which are beautiful but they are not made the same, sadly. AS couches are varied in shape, depth and size, many purchasers have preferred this flexible cover type.

The Thick Sofa Covers 1/2/3/4 Seater Pure Color Sofa Protector Velvet … sofa cover is at present the most popular sofa cover on Amazon and can cover a 2 seater and an armchair. The velvety material repels water and stains.

Cheaper Room Makeover Idea 2  – Add The Ambiance

You may not have loads of dosh to revamp your space- whether bedroom, studio, dining kitchen. But adding the right lighting will create the ambience you wish –  and you can do it for less rather than more. These days everyone should be using LED lighting to reduce electric costs. 

LED is normally a blue-white daylight style lighting and quite bright. hat means it doesn’t work for every room in the house. White daylight is great for kitchens.  Living rooms, dining and bedrooms normally need a softer more yellow lighting which also feels warmer and cosier and is not so bright. This used to be incandescent lighting but now you can buy LED bulbs with the softer yellow light.

And of course, the lamp or light fitting adds to the beauty and styling of your decor for your room. To learn more about lighting and ambience and a buying guide for your indoor lighting, have a read here.

I love this Versanora Arquer Arc Floor Lamp with Gold Shade and Black Marble Base. The bell-shaped shade is a better design than other similar models. The marble base adds the weighted base to stop it from tipping over.

 The lamps aren’t very popular but it is ranked No 92 in Amazon’s best selling lamps.

Cheaper Room Makeover Idea 3 –  Thermal curtains with Bling

 A bit of bling won’t hurt a room, especially on a day without light. The bit of shine will reflect the light and thermal curtain will help block the draft out and keep you toasty warm. It also makes the spaces or rooms feel a little more luxurious. 

These blinds also assist in noise reduction. And they are easy to wash and inexpensive. They tick the boxes and as a result are Amazon’s most popular blackout blinds.


Add a bit of sparkle with the various designs and colours which come in stars, splatter designs , waves and more. See the full review here.

Cheaper Room Makeover Idea 4 –  Wall Candy

Perk up your rooms with some wall changes -it can completely renew the feeling of your space. Even the ugliest room colour can feel refreshed and beautified by just one wall of painted colour. You can also use wall a papers to convert your rooms from drab to dreamy.

There are two main ways to bring a room back to life. One is by using a colour blocking method – painting or wallpapering a wall, and the other is by using wall decals. If you are renting decals are the way to go to transforming a feeling in a space with minimal stress, mess or cost!

Removable decals are the best options if you are renting and they immediately upgrade dull boring spaces. Amazon has a wide range of them here.

Cheaper Room Makeover Idea 5 – Carpet Runners

Nothing  is more comforting than a comfy rug underfoot. You can make the worst floor or carpet look cleaner and fancier and more comfortable with a great top rug or runner.

In particular walk off rugs are welcoming and add style, personality and colour to your space, whether a house or small flat. They also trap germs and mess out from your space! I’m a big fan of them.

Here are a few samples of ones I liked most but you can experiment with  a variety of rugs for your space here.

Amazon’s best sellers are the most boring out because I guess they are safe and cheap. They are definitely the NOT the best to buy for styling up a place! Choose carefully for quality and image or effect on your space!

Get the full details here.


Cheaper Room Makeover Idea 5  –  Dine In Style

Yeah, the dining room seems to have gone out of fashion. Except for special occasions …and maybe weekend Sunday brunches and dinners. If you still use your dining table, you can change the look of  your dining room by simply using dining room chair covers.

In fact, why not have more than one set and really vamp up the room! My dining room is a celebration place, work space, family meeting space, art studio…. you get the picture!

YISUN Modern Stretch Dining Chair Covers Removable Washable Spandex Slipcovers are the number one best sellers on Amazon. With loads of patterns and styles and fast to ship, your dining space will be transformed for all occasions in a jiffy! Check out the quality , over 1000 reviews, different patterns and quick ways to have the cheaper dining room makeover… cheaper!

Get all the details here.

Cheaper Room Makeover Ideas 

There is so much variety and so many choices, you can redesign to whatever your budget is.And if you aren’t sure of how things work you can play around with the virtual living room showroom or read up about different things like which lighting to use or how to select your rugs or design room decor.


Check Out Loads of Classy Pieces for Your Home

Yup, Amazon sells, delivers and can offer assembly for your cheaper room makeovers! In our last post , we described the fun of using their virtual room makeover tool and the Amazon showroom online to source new furniture.

virtual living room design with amazon furniture
Fun Living space designs you can create

You can get the gist of how different furniture pieces work in your space by changing wall colours, floor finishes carpets, paintings etc. The tool has a long way to go but its a good start and quite useful!

See the full review here.

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  1. Sometimes house decoration can be much easier that we think. Many people find trouble in it because there are so many different things to choose from and many of them are far too expensive. I like some of your suggestions especially some of those sofa and carpet suggestions look rather interesting. And with very good prices I must say. I will check your links more thorough for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree. Simplicity works well for living and the wallet! Its great if you CAN spend money on beautiful products but at the end of the day, it is a thing. People are more important. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Great. Thank you. Exactly what I need as I am actually thinking of ideas to dress up our condo. Though I’m from the Philippines, buying in Amazon and having it shipped here will not be practical. Anyway, this is a very well written article and indeed really helpful and informative! Will go ahead and share this one with my friends also. For sure they will benefit from this. All the best! Thank you!

  3. Great Ideas listed in your post, I personally like the sofa cover, in particular, when you can’t buy a new one, you can just use a cover to revive the design and add a new look to the room. We used this approach in our home we had a couple of sofas which we’ve got bored from, so we bought a couple of covers which you can just lay them on top of the existing layer and voila, a new look. Also, It can act as a protective layer that you can remove, change or wash whenever you want.

    Any ideas to revive your working desk or so?

  4. Nothing makes a house more fascinating than a beautiful interior design. There are so many options available that thousands of people with an eye for aesthetic designs have made it their profession to advice homeowners on which designs is right for their homes. The cheaper and equally beautiful options for room makeover are very helpful. For me, ambience has always been an essential part of home interior design for me and the LED lights described above gives a room a soft, warm glow, making the atmosphere cozy. 

    1. Hi Amanda, I agree lighting is important…and deserves a blog on its own. With lighting, the best way to get to know lighting and how to creates ambiance is to go to lighting sections in stores and see for yourself as photos never seem to show the truth.

       I agree there are so many professionals advising in this space. But there are great ways to redesign cheaply.

  5. Oh, your ideas are really fabulous. It will be some really good stuff for me to be able to change stuff in my room and to do it cheaply but classy. These blinds look really good so i am going to grab those and also i will be getting them fo my room including the lamp too. When i want to change my place, i will explore using the amazon feature you spoke about. Thanks

  6. Some excellent ideas here, I love the sofa covers they look a brilliant money-saver and my wife loves the idea of blinged up curtains!

    I used to work in a home furnishing store for many years and understand what you are saying about the carpet runners. A good money-saver is if you are having say a bedroom carpet fitted and you have a lengthy off-cut you can have the edges bound and use it as a rug in another room.

    As someone who loves Christmas, I think the festive seat covers look amazing! I will keep a lookout for more ideas and inspiration from your site.

    1. Ahhhh so you know lots of the tricks to spruce up spaces for less!!!  Its nice to hear of guys enjoying the Christmas season!. Thanks for the ideas and stopping by…

  7. Was surprised to see that you had a dining set in the post but i think my mum will be needed this so i will send this to her. For me, i need some changes in my room. Your post is very good. I somehow feel though that it is meant for the ladies. I can make use of that lamp though. It will be great for my night writings.

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