Don’t Care if You Get Hacked? [This is Your Wakeup Call to #1 VPN]

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This is your wake up call to the #1 VPN .

So you don’t care if you get hacked.  Seriously?

I had to roll my eyes. I was having a conversation with some teens….who obviously had no clue about the security needed online.

They thought – think – I’m paranoid. That I have too many issues and see everything as a problem.

“What is the use of vpn, Mum? Is it really necessary?” said my own teen.

(Of course then the news came on TV the next day about the huge amount of hacked bank accounts and people losing all their pension via hacked mobiles.) I didn’t have to say anything else.

What is the use of a vpn …really?

Well today, if you’re on a mobile device or the web or anything connected to the internet it would be crazy not to protect yourself properly. So this is your wakeup call to the #1 VPN, in this blog. 

Get protected.

Many people are blissfully unaware of the dangers of not being well cloaked online! Now it’s your turn for your lesson in the use of a VPN.

How Do YOU Secure Your Home At Night?

Would you go to bed and leave your doors unlocked?

Would you leave your window open? In fact, would you even leave the blinds open?

These days people are very careful to lock all the doors because of crime. If you didn’t have these measures in place, insurance companies wouldn’t pay out if you did have a burglary!

Locking up makes you feel safe and secure. Having additional security like a  burglar alarm and security cameras makes your home even more safe.

Who’s  Monitoring You Inside Your Home?

But inside your home you may not have a security. Your phone may be visible and accessible to strangers who can access your camera and passwords on your phone. If you have Amazon Echo, Facebook, Instagram, whats app, hackers can take told of your data.

If you are fortunate enough to have smart home systems and gadgets, you may be unaware of allowing even more access to your peaceful, private refuge  unless you add another layer of cyber protection. That’s why this is your wakeup call for a #1 VPN service.

These days, you need to move smart and protect yourself with a Vpn.

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Who is spying on you …from inside?

Heck! Nobody Wants Your Info! Right?

The thing is, you think nobody wants to have your information! After all, who are you ? Nobody you may say. Right?

The fact is that thousands of people get hacked every year and thousands lose identity information….most of them are just ordinary people.

What does that information include? Things like:

  • Your tax information
  • your children
  • YOU…if you are a young  teen who can be added to a sex-trade list
  •  Your bank accounts and your details.
  • They may even want your name and your address  to become you so that they can commit the crime problem hidden with your identity!

    When fraud is committed in this manner, it’s not the criminal that gets hauled over the coals, it’s you! That’s why it’s so important that you start to  protect yourself. That’s why I feel it is so important to sound a wakeup call to anyone who will read this!

Rather than my trying to explain how it all happens, you can read more here.


Who Is Allowed to Get My Info??

That’s a very good question!

Today bodies such as the NSA in the USA collect data and the data collected by HMRC in the UK or UK Work and Pensions  tax offices who are collecting information to handle tax details , share your information.

Whether they should be allowed to do so is a whole other discussion.

Sadly, it is supposed to be private but unfortunately there are times when even government  organizations get hacked and all that information is at large. Sometimes government organizations can even unlawfully hack citizens for information!

Don’t believe this happens in the West? Checkout a few court cases with Privacy International here!


What About Your Kids? Or Your Money?

inforgraphic of scam reports may
Scam Reports Australia, May
Author: Scamwatch Australia

Today, there are so many stories about people who are browsing the web and get requests or  emails asking them private information. Before they know it you’re caught up in a crime against them  or money stolen from them! And it is all too common!

  What about if your child is playing on the computer and it pops up with a     request to join a fun game? Have you seen the games and websites your   children use? Is your router protected over and above the passwords your   internet service provider gives you? (Because now THEY access which websites you use now!)

Who has access to your child ?

 It’s the same with your money. This is your call to take action! There are too many copycat  email look-a-likes where people get caught. Or the mobile numbers which get hacked.

Here is Inexpensive, Solid Protection For Your Family -A VPN

 You must have additional security and encryption – especially if you have  plenty to lose. In fact, even if you only have a little to lose!

I swear by a VPN!  Don’t leave home without one!

Using a VPN will protect you  from identity theft, hacking from spying eyes and give you your privacy back. It’s like locking the door or closing the window or pulling the blinds in the bricks and mortar world. 

For a tiny amount of money each month you hire top expert research labs constantly updating your protection, army style encryption, complete anonymity and security on all your online or mobile activity even while you are on the go.

A Wakeup Call for a #1 VPN – So Check VPN Cool Bonuses!

Did you think all that heavy duty stuff about your cyber protection was all the VPN gives you? Sure …its super important but here’s the fun stuff you should know from this VPN wake-up call!

  1.  NO LIMITS: If you are in a geographic region which limits access to websites, your Vpn will allow you access. If I was in China and wanted to watch American Netflix, not accessible in China, I can now. I used to live in a tiny island and because of my Vpn I was able to watch both the British shows and the American shows on Netflix!
  2. MOVIES FROM ANYWHERE: Some Vpns do not have the ability to access Netflix and other streaming sites that do not allow Vpns. But Express Vpn does allow you access via the mediastreamer. Again great for viewing content from other countries! Same for Amazon videos and TV. If I’m in the UK and wish to see the latest Hawaii Five O that they won’t show in the UK… I’m sorted. Love that!
  1.   GREAT SAVINGS: Want to get the deals you know the Americans get from their stores? Haha! Now you can! When you sign on to your American web address via your VPN you can see the USA prices and benefit by shopping at their rates! Just make sure you have a credit card which can work in the US (or whatever country you wish to do your deals!)Express VPN has the largest network of countries (94)  from which to shop, all you have to do is to check-in. And save some money!
  2. ANONYMITY: With a Vpn no one will know who you are and what you are looking at. Some VPNs will show the sites you visit but not who you are.  With Express Vpn no one even knows where you are or what site you are on! Total anonymity.

Here are the 5 things that you can expect your VPN to do for you.

Your 5 VPN Services – How You Can Use a VPN.

1. Staying Private

As we mentioned earlier, your internet service provider    (ISP) can see all the things you’re doing and actually        records all your browsing history.They are out to turn a     profit and use the information so they can target you       better!

I don’t like being told what to view or choose ( do you?)  but that is basically what the likes of your ISP , Facebook , Instagram and Google  can do if you allow them!

The VPN will scramble all your traffic in an encrypted tunnel and not even  your internet provider can you read it.There’s no monitoring or  no activity logs so it’s totally private. Of course, someone could still hack it. But it would take a long time…. so they move onto others not so well protected!

Make sure you use a VPN whenever you go online and that’s your phone and your computer.


2. Censorship

In some countries you may not have any freedom of access to programs. Your website or services may be an inaccessible. Luckily your VPN cannot access free internet from anywhere and then you can get your programs exclamation mark.

When you travel keep your VPN on all your internet devices so you can have the programs that you want wherever you are.


3 Saving Some Money

savings and deals with a vpn
click to learn more on savings

Did you know that when you shop online you can buy the same item for different prices depending on where you are?

If you have a VPN you can log on to different countries and do your purchases through that country that you’ve logged onto and save yourself money!

Why not try one of the 160 locations in the world and shot from one of them by connecting to your VPN in that country. This works really well when you’re buying your flight tickets as prices can vary widely depending on what country you’re calling from your buying from.

4 Encrypt, Encrypt, Encrypt.

Click Here For More

Roaming around with your phone on and without any       protection digitally is a big no no. You can read about that  here.

Especially when you’re on your mobile it is extremely easy for a hacker on the same network to read your personal data and steal information whether it’s a bank account or your identity or even pictures of you.

This is where once again we sound a vpn wakeup call. Get a  VPN app on your phone –  and a good one! Not a cheap one! You can encrypt your entire internet connection to protect all your communications even when it’s insecure.

You can try this  out yourself at an airport or an internet cafe by turning on your VPN when you connect to free public Wi-Fi.


5. Why not Extend Your Coverage for the Same Price?

wakeupcall- protect your identity  even from bed

I only recently discovered that when I add my VPN to my phone I can actually create a virtual VPN router for my whole home just for my phone or my laptop. That was so cool. So now I can protect not just one device but I can protect my TV, game console, smartphone, tablet , and laptop all from one location.

A VPN gives your apps and all your devices and support for every operating system that you will want to use. We can show you here how to do this.

So now you have all the information. This is now your wakeup call to take action with a #1 VPN. We have highlighted Express Vpn’s benefits and methods that can protect you fully. All Vpns are NOT made the same. And the free ones which are so readily available on Google Play unfortunately will not protect you as fully and leak your data.

Play This video

That’s why we opted for paid Vpns. Express VPN is definitely one of the more expensive Vpns but worth every penny because they have more locations, servers, research, better speed. I have used other VPNs but Express VPN was the easiest to setup and had on-call customer care.

For my own and my family’s safety, ease of use,  flexibility and enjoyment, I chose Express VPN.

Is This Wake Up Call for ~1 VPN Is Approved By Others?

We had a look at other views ( just in case we were deluded!) They speak for themselves and you can read one of the many written!

So What’s the Damage?

Here endeth my wakeup call to a #1 VPN. Hopefully I have impressed on you the importance of protecting yourself digitally as you do physically. Hopefully you will download the VPN protection today and Express VPN is pretty much one of the world’s best.

Express Vpn is happy to encourage you with a 3 month offer which provides you with a 49% off the standard price AND  full 30 day money back. If ,like me you are cautious, you can start with the $13 monthly package – the most expensive route by far. (I did it because I wasn’t sure.)

But since you get a full refund within 30 days, the best deal is the annual package which knocks off half the price! Added to this, it is discounted for a limited time only!

Now you can try it out.

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  1. I learnt how important security is in a hard way. Am a fresh victim of fraudster which has caused huge amount of money from my bank account. I can’t joke with any bit of information inside this review. Can a single subscription work for like two devices(laptop and phone). I’m ready to try express VPN out and see how it goes. I’ll try monthly subscription first just like you did and later settle for the annual sub.

    1. Stella…I am so sorry to hear of your experience!!!

      Yes a single subscription works with 3 devices… but if you put it on your router then many devices are protected and you can even stream additional blocked shows. Also Express VPN have a great customer service live chat…you pay for it …so use it!

  2. This is great, I heard about VPN last year but honestly, I did not pay much attention to it. Now when I read what hackers can do I will try it and probably go annual. Today all of us have a computer, microphones, web cameras and we are watched, sadly but it is a truth. I am glad that the VPN is not expensive but it can do great things like securing our privacy. Do I need to talk with my provider before using VPN or can I use it freely?

    1. hey Daniel, most providers have a VPN option but some still do not. The good thing about Express VPN is that you can operate direct on your device so you don’t need to change your ISP provision. I do recommend using the autoconnection so that when you are on the go in public spaces you are protected….

      For the $7 or equivalent a month…it is more than worth it…and for that price you can protect your family members too…

      Thanks for stopping by…..

  3. Yes, I have heard many horror stories. I mean they were even able to get the medical records of so many people and access personal info. So if larger corps can’t protect themselves, we all should be more cautious. There was a new report where the new visual mail feature that USPS allows to see what mail is coming to your box that day was also compromised. A gentleman was saying how they were able to change his address and get his Capitol one card. As he was on the phone with the agent getting his addressed changed back to his home, they were in the system changing the address back to the one to the one the hackers were using. This world is crazy!

    1. Whoa….

      That is horrible for the guy! All the more reason to have the app and ?or a VPN router so that all internet devices in your home go via a VPN. I know some smart home devices do not work with VPNs but as the public, we need to insist the extra level of security  for just the reason you stated….

      Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully people will wake up and TAKE ACTION….

  4. VPNs are awesome for security so I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest VPN services. Being able to mask your IP location has many benefits. I definitely would not go to bed with the doors unlocked or leave the windows open, great analogies. I’m not surprised to see cases where the government has hacked citizens. I’ve heard that VPN is a great services so I’m definitely going to check it out further through your links, thank you!

    1. Pentrental_

      VPNs don’t do everything but they are a very good way to start protecting your data. And Express VPN is backed with their own research labs which are always innovating and improving ways to protect YOUR privacy. Their website is well worth a visit!

      My other VPN blog shows how the Chinese can control whole communities via the internet… that ability could spread worldwide if we don’t wake up!

  5. Hello, Thank you for the very useful post! 

    I am also surprised how many people are so careless about internet security. After seeing the movie Snowden (anyway, I recommend this movie in relation to this topic) I have realised I need to protect my data on the internet definitely.

    I do not use the VPN, but I have done some important steps to protect my data, especially money. People are so careless about their money, which is really strange, are they waiting until something happens instead of doing some preliminary action.

    Still, due to your post I will figure out how to protect my data and money more so in case of some hacking action it remains to me instead of serving some clever hackers.

    Thank you for your post and all the best.


    1. thanks again….. I’m glad you posted….hope everyone follows your lead.  VPNs can only do so much but it is fast and easy and a good start.

      Hope people hear you….

  6. I have seen a lot of pop ups with VPN subscription a lot lately and was just wondering what is that? Thanks to you I got my answer. I know that I am always careful when it comes to my information especially online but double protection with VPN is always better. I currently have a lifelock but will look into the VPN. Nowadays you need the internet to do everything and it is really scary and you can be in a vulnerable position when someone young are not aware of the information that they put out there.

    My little sister likes to post on social media and pin where she was and tell people what she is doing at the moment. To me that is very scary. If I think like a criminal, I know exactly where she is and I know what her valuables are, from the picture and that is just asking for trouble to come her way. I told her to watch out. She did not believe me until one day she heard the news talking about this girl pinning her location and unfortunately a burglar robbed her place. No one to blame but her putting her information and where she will be on the internet. After that my sister finally listens.

    Will look in to the VPN, thank you again for the information.

    1. Gurl…. I try to explain the exact same thing to my teens! You can’t NOT care!  The Express VPN app is excellent and once you have it on your device it can be set to auto connect….so wherever you are, you are covered. 

      And if you have it hooked up to your home router, you can reset all your passwords to the VPN one then the whole house is protected…

      The safety is worth the  $7 or whatever it is a month….and right now ….a 3 month free offer !!

      Hope you can convince her to stop posting everything online….

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Wow, excellent article on VPN’s.  I knew only a little about VPN’s prior to this and knew they were a great investment to protect your identity when using mobile devices wherever you travel.

    What I did not realize are the many other ways that a VPN can help.  You really have a great review of this product, there are so many features that I did not realize before now.  

    While you call this pricey it is worth the price and some more to protect your identity.  I have heard much of the Norton VPN and thought it was very reasonable but ExpressVPN beats them in price.

    This has become a great problem today and most people are ignorant of ways to stop those who intend harm.  

    Thank you for such a through review of this product, one would be a fool not to at least try it for the free 30day trial and there are so many pricing options available that it is a great choice for anyone.



    1. Thanks Raymond for your comments. I really don’t think Express VPN is pricey… but many say it is more than what others pay for VPNs…but i think the value is worth it for safety. I also like Nord and a couple others too…will review them in time.:)

      I really appreciate your comments…

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