Dot Dot —Isn’t That a Toy?

I confess to being a firm automated home convert.

I like the fact that I can get a bit of help around the house – (anything to save me time!) and that i won’t get any complaints when I want something done. I also like the fact that the tasks are under my CONTROL:) Right now…the cost is now within reach for most of the market when it comes to automated home equipment. The Jetsons cartoons of the 70s may soon be the norm!

If you are building/ buying a modern house it really should be easy to install home automation to improve living quality and resale value. 26% of the USA have at least one smart device in their homes and when the Googles, Amazons, and Apples start producing smart home devices, you realize that smart homes gadgets are here to stay so they better figure out how to work together.

What is Dot Dot Though?

Dotdot is the universal language of the Internet of Things.

It’s a term/logo you should become familiar with for any smart device you choose for your life. The last thing you wish is a headache of how the various devices work or communicate with each other! (Been there SOOOO many times!) Up until very recently smart devices were run with different languages and would have glitches connecting because they did not understand each other. It all sounds very human!

Dot Dot is the Internet of Things open source language which is fast becoming the standard universal language for most smart home products.This video movie quickly explains how it works.

The company ZigBee Alliance now advocates that the ZigBee Alliance ‘s Dot Dot be used by developers of smart devices and be certified, so if you see Zigbee Alliance on a packing box, it’s a sign that lets you know that your smart home devices will be able to communicate!

I believe with more and more companies taking up the Dot Dot language, more devices will connect.

It won’t be long before whole cities are managed from the same language and application layer development.

ioT  map
Credit to: https://www.smartcitiesworld.net/news/news/milestone-for-zigbee-alliance-1188

A Final Tip

If you are shopping for smart devices, always check if there is

a ZigBee Alliance Certified sticker on there box.

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