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Here we highlight some options for affordable yet elegant house plans with a little style and uniqueness, especially for the islands and for tropical homes. As our qualified design teams work in several countries , we have access to hundreds of house plans. A wealth of knowledge on how, what, when to build within budgets and with safety is held with our experts who are at hand to help with your design. Our focus is on helping existing and future homeowners find the best bang for their buck and  real qualified advice both in the tropical and European islands. So let’s show you a few. Remember, you can contact us with comments and queries about designs, pricing and amendments!

 CityLights Design

AREA:                   1500  sq ft –  2000 sq ft BEDROOMS:        2 – 3 BATHROOMS:     2 – 4   This elegant house plan design converts to a more traditional house  if preferred. In the model above, the roof slopes forward to match an angled wall and is propped up with 2 wooden poles which are not needed at all!! A modern, tropical small house plan with a mezzanine and attic bedrooms and a ground floor bedroom suitable for small/view lots are hard to find. Small house plans are normally mundane but not this one! It attracted a lot of attention after it was built twice in Barbados! The plan facilitates a 16 foot high  vaulted style roof, OR it can become a full two storey house with attic bedrooms. Here we have shown it as  the standard plan with 3 bedrooms, one downstairs and two upstairs. Great for smart home devices and has excellent acoustics! It is also one of our very flexible designs.    
Citylights Ground Floor Elegant house plan
                           Citylights First Floor Elegant HouseDesign
                                           elegant houseplan Citylihhts     Mezzanine at  Citylights elegant houseplan

 Petrea Floorplan

Home Design for a Small House- Petrea
Petrea Design of Small House
Area:   625 sq ft Bedrooms:  2 Bathroom:   1 This cute small cottage is one of our modern small home plan designs for tight budgets and small plot but which has small cottage elegance.As an affordable home design it is basically a square box  – (making the design affordable) – and it splits the space into two small bedrooms, 1 bathroom to the back and kitchen -living to the front. It is designed as a starter home to which you can extend at the front and side of the living room. The living room has double doors which can be removed later to extend the living space by enclosing the deck – an optional design addition. This design has been built in Barbados for tight budgets and is simple and elegant. To get ideas on how to decor small spaces , have a look at the  Ikea.com innovative ideas.

The Prior

This split level cascading elegant house plan is created for sloping land. The design sports a curved roof  in the centre of the home which adds to the views from the dining area. The master bedroom has its own balcony and overlooks the garden or pool area. This home is a 3 bed, 3.5 bath design. It was built in Barbados and is perfect for the tropics but can also be used in more temperate climates. The entrance can be off the front verandah or on the side of the dwelling depending on the orientation of the plot.    

The Hibiscus Plan

  • Area:            1305 sq ft
  • Bedrooms:   3
  • Bathrooms: 2
This modern tropical house plan design was inspired by a plantation yard manager’s cottage At Four Square factory , Barbados. It features a ground floor ensuite bedroom and 2 upper floor bedrooms sharing a bathroom. The upper staircase can be left as a void  or created  into an office nook. On the ground floor the dining room, living room, and kitchen can all be extended as can the patios.  The dining and kitchen spaces can switch around to facilitate the house owners.  The verandahs can also wrap around the house if required. Flexibility for a growing family!
 Hibiscus ground floor
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