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2 Bed 2 Bath Poinsettia with Large Patio
(for extensions)
Oasis Small Houseplan
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small houseplan design
Interior Shot Bed and Bath
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Our houseplans collections of new home plan designs come from many locations; this page shows tropical house plans mainly on flatter ground. It is t a compilation of ideas in design, especially affordable house plan designs, many of which have actually been built.

We regularly post about new home plan designs – not only tropical house plan designs but also designs for temperate islands and for hilly land, and even designs for large mansions!

We use this website to explore and collate new home plan designs and modern style house designs. We also promote products we like ourselves and provide a variety of tips and advice about new home plan design and interiors.

Tropical House Plan Designs

Listed below are some of our house plan designs from different islands. These are primarily suited to flatter tropical locations. We know you will want to see designs for the hills and designs for temperate climates, designs for large homes and for net zero carbon homes. Give us time and we will provide you with designs!

 Mini collage of Shells Houseplan Design with floorplans and elevation
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