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Gain a few house designs and plans ideas with tips for building in islands such as Barbados other islands or St Lucia or even the Philippines  in the tropics or Ireland in the temperate zone right here!  Our website at islandhomeplans.com includes construction detailing, decor, financing, monetizing your investment and whatever else you want to ask  about so that we can pass on our experience!

This specific page is all about responding to your requests and comments to which we build articles We would love to hear your stories. We are here to provide your assistance online.

Do you want costs of construction? Or want to know how mortgages work in the islands?

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We want to hear from you about your challenges with choosing the right design for the right budget and we are very interested in how your construction goes. Feel free to browse our house designs and floorplans pages for great house design ideas for all types of homes.

uplit house

Clifftop Home

Modern House Designs and Plans – Concepts and Ideas

Today there is a wide range of house plan ideas and styles on the market and it can be overwhelming to focus on one only for your home. And it should be ONE primary concept or the property will be a mishmash unless you are skilled architect who understand how to juxtapose ideas.

We will be covering all aspects of design and building of homes and even small businesses at Homeisland. In this section of the website we  focus primarily on the initial concepts and ideas for your future project. Over the posts we will walk you through:-

  1. Creating a brief
  2. Creating a core concept/theme
  3. Selecting a design type/style to flesh out the concept
  4. Creating a design that covers the first 3
  5. Keeping your design and floor plans ideas real.

Watch this space and have a look at design and build experiences which will benefit you in the future!

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