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How to [do so many things] with work from home jobs? There are so many questions people ask me daily so I will try to answer some of them here.

Work From Home | Remote Working

As remote working becomes more normalized year on year, so the questions and interest increases. Most people can only dream of a better work-life balance than they have right now. But every year people opt-out of the rat race and confidently join the work from home jobs fraternity, and never look back.

What if you could create a full-time income with work from home jobs from your favourite comfy chair and avoid the daily commute? Work from home jobs are very real and the sector is growing. Would you opt for it?

What We Will Cover

How Legitimate are Work from Home Jobs?

How Good are Work from Home Jobs?

How To setup a Home office For Working at Home

How To Reduce Your Everyday costs with Work at Home Jobs

How to Manage Your Family with a Work at Home Job

How To Find Work From Home Jobs

How to Build Your Very Own Work At Home Business in 3 Months or Less

How Legitimate Are Work from Home Jobs?

Every year work from home jobs or remote working jobs is becoming more popular. One of my favourite magazines, Forbes, reported :

Remote work is no longer a privilege. It’s become the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population. 


The report enforces the fact that as digital skills get more specialized and real estate costs increase, companies will pay top dollar to hire the skills they need, remotely. Companies such as Ebay, Wayfair, B&Q, Next, Electric Ireland, Amazon, and a myriad of banks, all hire remote workers. These are well known and n established companies – so remote working is indeed legitimate and worth considering.

How Good are Work from Home Jobs?

Work from home jobs have pros and cons you should be aware of. The jobs are real can pay well and companies often provide training, healthcare and many other enticing benefits too. In the case of Wayfair, eBay and Amazon, for instance, companies offer full training courses in set locations as boot camps.

However, there are also many scams so you need to be wise and check facts always. I certainly suggest contacting companies to ensure offers are real!

calories burned watching TH?

One of the biggest complaints against work from home jobs is loneliness. As a result, companies have been calling remote workers into offices to ensure desired staff can meet, train and socialize in office. Employers find remote workers would be more attentive and engaged too as a result…so it’s a win-win!

Legitimate work from home jobs? Very much so.

How to Setup Your Work from Home Office

back to school decor wall decals
Fun Decals

It is better to carve out space in your home that can become your home office and where you can order your thoughts, papers, calendars, stationery can live in peace. Take it from me, before you realize, the living room will get pretty overloaded with paper if you do not!

There are a couple of must-haves or essentials for working at home. I speak as a building architect and one who has worked from home for years and years!

So here they are…..

1 Daylight and a view. Your mental health needs to have a change of view. As do your eyes… so position your home office niche near where your eyes can get a long-ranging view, or see a change in the weather near a window. Only have a view of a brick wall? Buy a simple removable mural with a photo of long view with perspective. Your eyes …and brain will need the break and thank you for it!

2 A decent table and a comfy chair to support your back and posture. I have managed to hurt my neck over the years from crouching over a laptop. It’s better to decide what table you will use first and get a chair which will place you eye-level with the screen rather than working with the laptop on your lap. Comfy and support back chairs are available online and instore at a wide variety of prices.

You can buy a kit or pieces and even work out the layout here as I explained in a previous blog.

3 A good lamp. That’s obvious, right? A lamp and no glare to your screen. I have worked in poor light for years and years. Not good as after awhile your sight gets pretty poor. ( A decent desk lamp is all you need for reading text and they don’t cost a lot.

4 Space away from the TV. I still prefer to work in my living room and clutter it up ( which I just told you not to do)…but that’s because I love my view outside. However, I have to move when the family is home as the TV is very distracting! It is better to have a quiet niche..on the landing, in a small bedroom or even the corner of the kitchen…away from the TV.

How To Find Work From Home Jobs

 The best way to find work from home jobs is to have skills employers are looking for in the first place. Most people think that this must only mean coders and software techies – an most of us don’t fit in this nerd world.

Using Jobsites For Work From Home Jobs

Today Indeed, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, Reed who list jobs via their websites all offer work from jobs and you can scan the pages and apply. But let me warn you that you will need some digital skills and the program I used myself gave me those skills in 3 months. (I did have to certify separately but I felt able to do so then!) Even better, I created my own online business too…but more on that later.

Using Software For Work From Home Jobs

But with the growth of cloud-based software, tradition; training such as financial planners, bookkeepers. accountants, dieticians, graphic designers… you name it can find work from home jobs online. Just have a look at indeed.com/ UK/ie and search work remotely or work online from home, A string of opportunities will pop up. One could be your dream job from home!

Work From Home as an Artist

You will also notice jobs for writers and copywriters and designers. We are seeing a resurgence for the need for literary skills and arts backgrounds to create the online content or artists to produce the graphics people want to look at.  Quite often, interviews are even online with video chat and portfolios are easily uploaded for almost no cost  – unlike 30 years go when you had to physically lug hardcopy work to the interview. A great plus for work at home jobs!

Depending on who you are, there are also freelance gigs and creating your own business online. You can become a retailer and earn cash by reselling on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, eBay. If you are crafty you can even set up shop and sell your products via your photographs online with social media platforms!

If you are a photographer, sell your images via readymade platforms and earn commissions when people use your works. Any passion can become a money earning business online and you can stay home or travel anywhere and learn to make money from things you love most! 

We show you how later in the post.

How To Reduce Your Everyday Costs with Work at Home Jobs

I am not a tax consultant so please check with your nearest friendly accountant. However, a work from home job, does often mean that you will save around 2-3000 US dollars or euros a year by working from home.

You commute less which means less fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle or cost for fares. You save time away from traffic lights, usually a couple of hours on average per day which could be spent doing other things.

Things like heating and electric may go up but you can have the company you work at home with help with this cost or offset it as an expense if you choose the self-employed route.

How To Improve your Work-life Balance if you Work at Home

Having extra time not commuting has been analyzed by experts in different countries to find out how to efficiently work at home. It was discovered that workers are more satisfied, relaxed and therefore more productive.

In Ireland, a telecoms company reported to the Independent newspaper that they saved 100,000 euro and had much happier and more productive staff when they sent their whole team home to work!  People were saving over 2 hours on the roads driving per day and over 60 euro a week and adding that time to their families. What’s not to like?

(See the report here.)

With all the modern comforts of home beckoning for our attention, it would be understandable if remote workers saw a dip in productivity, yet the opposite is true. According to the Airtasker study, telecommuters “worked 1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 more days every year” than people who worked in an office.

Business News Daily, USA

Have I convinced you yet that working from home might be a plus for you?

Do you crave your space and more time in the home where you pay so much rent and mortgage? Would you like to pop out in the middle of the day maybe for groceries when the crowds aren’t around? 

I made my choice years ago for working at home. I really can’t complain. Sure it needs discipline. But look a all the benefits!

How to Manage Your Family with a Work at Home Job

I think my most important factor for choosing to work from home is that I could finally manage the needs of my family properly. 

For years I could not be at events for my children because of work ins senior positions. I didn’t enjoy weekends with them and when I did come home; I was too tired to spend quality time with them. Sure I made money and loved my work -( I confess I love to work!) but the price tag was my own and probably their internal wounds.

It even got to the point when family members stopped telling me about events because they knew I wouldn’t be there. 

Learning Another More Flexible Way To Work

As my parents grew older, I was also conscious of needing to be available more often. I needed an income to allow me space to travel to see them and to help care for them with the time to be with them AND the flexibility of work from anywhere so I could still earn, wherever I was. Only my working from home online allowed this and better yet, I even taught myself how to work online and earn from different countries, wherever I was!

I will show you how in a moment.

But suffice to say, I spent about a year worrying if I had done the right thing and if I was getting scammed. I can attest to the fact that its no scam, but requires hard work. It is a real way to give me money online and  flexibility for my immediate and extended family and even my hobby, (which also provides another work from home income stream!)

How to Build An Work At Home Business in 90 days

With my family needing me more and my having to travel between countries, I needed a work at home solution. And I found several.

I personally could choose a mix of options, Airbnb could allow me to earn from renting out my extra space. In fact, a family member makes a full-time business from this and I was inspired.

beautiful pergolas in rental garden

My building designer training allowed me to offer my skills as a freelancer. I chose NOT to do this after trying several platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and finding my time was wasted bidding for low-ball projects. You may succeed better if you have time – many people do!

Finding My Best Solution – Wealthy Affiliate Work from Home

What I bumped into that has worked brilliantly for me was online training in affiliate marketing. I learnt industry-valuable skills for work from home jobs and online tech AND learnt how to make money marketing other companies who then pay me a commission.

The skills I learnt have actually built a whole new career path for me and I continue to grow the skills and get fully certified locally. In the meantime, I was taught website building, blogging SEO management, social media platform systems… the list goes on. These skills and the little business I set up online will carry me into retirement, allowing me to earn money either as a side hustle or as a fulltime job.

Multiple Streams From Work From Home Incomes

From the income of Airbnb and my affiliate marketing, I can and will build a property business which not only builds income but also assets. (Stay tuned for future posts on how-to guides for increasing your wealth with property and multiple income streams.)

I could go on but time is short. The first step in building your online business is to create your piece of online real estate and learn the tools.

The first stage is forever free.

If you like what you learn, the 9 additional levels of training come with different payment plans. Today only there is a 49% deduction so snap up the deal below now!

Click this link to learn more or my own story to hear more about what you can learn!

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