IPhone Hacked Fix Please? [Protect the Virtual You]

If you are one of the many who needs an  “iPhone hacked fix“, come on in and let’s get to work. Your virtual you or your online you  – needs a barrier and a wall of protection NOW.

In all walks of life, being connected to the internet whether via mobile or at your desk is now essential. The risks of exposure are now equally as real and so your virtual security is very important. iPhone have taken this very seriously and protected their users with strongman protection ….until this year when there was an announcement about millions of phones being hacked.

So do you need an iPhone-hacked-fix too? Wait, do you even know if your data has been nicked??

As I have written in my previous blogs about protecting your data and identity online, you cannot take this for granted.

The Latest News – Iphones Hacked

faceless hacker spewing binary

You would think that hacked iPhone fixes are not needed these days. Iphones have been some of the most secure protected phones but there it is. They were being hacked.  You can read all the related news details here.

The problem though, is that by the time you get the information, your details are already in some hackers hand to manipulate.

An unprecedented iPhone hacking operation, which attacked “thousands of users a week” until it was disrupted in January, has been revealed by researchers at Google’s external security team.

The operation, which lasted two and a half years, used a small collection of hacked websites to deliver malware on to the iPhones of visitors. Users were compromised simply by visiting the sites: no interaction was necessary, and some of the methods used by the hackers affected even fully up-to-date phones.Once hacked, the user’s deepest secrets were exposed to the attackers. Their location was uploaded every minute; their device’s keychain, containing all their passwords, was uploaded, as were their chat histories on popular apps including WhatsApp, Telegram and iMessage, their address book, and their Gmail database..

Google said it had reported the security issues to Apple on 1 February. Apple  then released an operating system update which fixed the flaws on 7 February.

The Guardian


“Iphone Hacked” Fix

So once again, I am discussing protecting yourself when you are out and about. It’s not easy to remember to cloak your transactions and protect your data from an enemy. That’s why I highly recommend using a VPN app our mobile devices ….well any device with an internet or Wifi link.

So if you want to get that iPhone – or android hacked fixed, forego one cup of coffee this month and invest in a VPN with military-level protection. Here are 3 options which I consider the best, each with slightly different features. They will protect you every time you open that bank account online , or your contact list. If you even go onto a hit web page, the VPN will scramble all your details which will take hackers so long to unravel, they will go elsewhere.

Do not delay. For the small price or between 2 – 12 dollars a month, it isn’t worth nightmare of being hacked.


Quality VPNs

Not all VPNs are made equal. I have stated this before.  There are a plethora of VPNs in the market. And some will even sell and steal your information! 

If you want a hacked iPhone fix, sign up to the Nord VPN package, download the app and away you go! No one will get to your contacts, account information or phone data. Even if they could, it would take them quite an age. 

Here’s What To Look For. Nord ticks all the boxes.

  • No logs policy
  • many locations /countries (if you travel)
  • DNS leak protection
  • kill switch if the internet goes down and leaves you exposed

Poor VPNs:

Poor VPNs often don’t protect your privacy at all. First of all, they are usually FREE and you PAY by allowing  VPN servers harvest all your info and habits which can be sold to advertisers or hacked by criminals. So rather providing the iPhone-hacked fix, they might just be invading the virtual you/real you!

“But the way a VPN works also means that whoever runs the VPN has the potential to see what you’re doing.” Well put by Alvin Soon

 Why free VPNs are a bad option.

To purchase high-quality VPNs are not expensive and the benefits are great with additional treats like cheaper flight prices, better shopping deals, movie streaming you might not get in your country. Lots of options!

 Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a top supplier VPN offering a full iPhone, android, desktop-hacked fix. Its cutting-edge technologies shield your internet activity from hackers and malware, protect you on public Wi-Fi networks, and even block annoying ads.

Strict no-logs policy –  (it won’t record where you ‘ve been.)

Automatic Kill Switch

DNS leak protection

Onion Over VPN


No Restricted Internet

As with all the best VPN providers, your internet is not restricted wherever you go WHILE being protected. Whether Travelling for business or pleasure, studying abroad, you can keep access to your favourite websites and entertainment content, and forget about censorship or bandwidth limits.

Nord has servers in 60 countries worldwide and over 2600 servers to deliver the speed and streaming wherever you are worldwide.

banner for Nord vpn

Smart Play

I had to highlight this Nord VPN feature because it is one of the best user features in a VPN that I have seen. SmartPlay is a NordVPN feature that helps you securely access the content that would otherwise be unavailable.

Best of all, it does it in a way that you never even have to think about it. It’s implemented in the Nord VPN apps seamlessly, so there’s nothing to set up, update, or activate. Other VPNs make it much trickier to install a streamer with their SmartTV.

Feel safe on any device

You can secure up to 6 devices with a single NordVPN account – computers, smartphones, routers and more.  The VPN does not log pr track your activity and encrypts your activity. You WILL be safe.

More VPNs

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We can also recommend other VPNs which you can check out if your iPhone or android was hacked and needs a fix.

Express VPN

An excellent VPN for your iPhone hacked fix is the Express VPN. It comes with more locations, kill switches, streaming for videos, no logs or tracking,, apps and more. Read about it all here.

Safer VPN

Safer VPN is not as big a VPN outfit as Nord or Express VPN. They promote the fact that they provide no-frills protection, automatic Wifi cover, with unlimited speed and broadband width.

It is the only VPN service offering a free trial. Like Nord and ExpreeVPN it provides 30-day money back option.

Learn all the details by clicking the button.

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