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Is There a Mr Robot Hacking Your Home – or Phone?

A Bit Scary

There could be a Mr Robot somewhere hacking YOUR home or phone. Some very scary information about our ever-popular smart home systems tech is emerging daily.

It was kind of cool but also alarming to read the Telegraph paper article about chips placed into humans and how you can wave your hand to pay for things or open your doors. I will explain why it is alarming and why you need a VPN to protect yourself from all of the hacking your smart home systems may encounter.

The Growth of Amazon Smart Tech

I also read about Amazon buying a Wifi router company as it would then have the power to connect better to their Echo and control more devices.

So will it be Amazon hacking your home?

  Last year Facebook was found to be providing millions of people’s data to Cambridge Analytica who then influenced elections in different countries. Maybe Facebook is spying on my information or hacking my phone

a watchful eye of hacking person

Which eyes are on your data now? Which companies are tracking your behaviours? While we have no worries NOW in the democratic West, what happens if the rules change as a part of government policy?

Who Is Watching Us?

In the last year it was discovered that the  Russia dark web was influencing users with targeted ads. The  Chinese have oppressed the  Xinjiang region state  by monitoring every Uyghur citizen by hacking into their smartphones and even taking their DNA.  In fact, they are reported to have imprisoned 1 million of them!

What will make us be next?

Wait, Can The Chinese State Reach Into the West?

The same technology was tracked in the West. The Chinese police state is monitoring not only their citizens but also  Australian citizen Uyghur families with other Xinjiang family links by using facial and voice recognition and smartphone tracking.

This  is one of the sad stories to prove it. Can this really be true?

The News This Morning – No Huawei Equipment For Government (But It’s Fine for You?)

In fact, Western governments (well, the USA in particular) have now banned certain types of Huawei equipment because, as stated on the BBC again today, the phones are cheaply made leaving them very exposed to…… guess what… phone hacking.

Why is data being gathered by anyone? In the excuse of security? Knowledge? Is it good or bad?

Mr Robot Series – Amazon Prime – Gripping!

Even the  Amazon.com  Mr Robot  TV series, grippingly fantasizes about what can happen if  a smart  home system or a person’s life is being hacked . ( Ironic, considering they design smart home systems and are edging more to controlling  many more smart home devices!)

It’s a good one to watch if you want to see a view of what’s possible.

(But this  blog is not about Mr Robot, it’s about you.)

hooded no face hacker with binary graphics  is an example of our day to day home hacking issues.

Who’s in Control of Your Information?

Have you ever thought about all this hacking stuff and the safety of your identity?  Is it too much stress to get your head around? Well, I have an easy, excellent solution.

Who..or What is Hacking Your Home?

Devices such as locks, TVs, heating thermostats, lighting, smart hubs and of course the ever popular assistants  (Google SmartThings, Echo etc) operate on open networks which can connect to your router.  Even if your router is protected, the devices can be hacked if their own passwords are not protected or changed from the default passwords.

Recently Techcrunch reported over 41% of users don’t trust the security of their own devices.

Check that report here.

Hacking Froze Business Worldwide

We have seen how this can affect daily life at the business level. 

The Washington Post reported in June 2017, the European wide hack and requirements for ransom money. Companies were sent malware and thousands of computers in the UK and USA froze. They could not access their own data. Medical records could not be accessed. Companies had to pay thousands to access their own data from an unknown company in a different country. No one knew who these people were at the time.

Scamwatch  Australia’s Stats for Personal Hacking

Imagine that happening to YOU. Scamwatch.gov.au records those who report their personal horrors of money being stolen…(many people do not.) But we do have a solution for this!

Scamwatch.gov.au  define a hack as:

Hacking occurs when a scammer gains access to your personal information by using technology to break into your computer, mobile device or network.
protect your smart home system-hacking stats au.

I cannot imagine the same guys hacking the chip inside my body and making me pay them all the money in my bank account.or making me give them the contact information of friends and family because it is stored on my hand! Can this be possible in the future? And yet people and companies want to be injected with computer chips.

A Sci-Fi  Movie or the Future?

There’s a story of how  a power-hungry dictator can mandate that everyone has a chip as  their biometric code for identity…which holds all your data,….your location., personal details, where you work, what you buy… and that person restricts your income , food,, monitors who you speak to…and may  want rid of you because you don’t comply.

Sounds far fetched?  But wait, aren’t we halfway there with the data we give away for a freebie on our phones now? Remember Xinjiang?

Enough Already! Solution Please?

The solution?…Encryption via a VPN….. and of course, each of us being aware and fighting for our privacy rights against huge corporations and organizations controlling our data!

What’s a VPN?

Everything you do via the internet needs encryption for your own safety.  And VPNs…virtual private networks provide this.

A VPN is a sort of tunnel through which all your smart home system internet traffic can flow and be scrambled before reaching its location. It has multiple layers of encryption and therefore hackers and spyware can’t see anything you are doing on the internet. There is a wide range of VPNs on the market, some better than others and some safer or more secure than others.

Time to start using one today on your phone, smart home system network or business network.

More here

How a VPN Can Be Used  to Stop Home and Phone Hacking

We have mentioned how security and data privacy can be protected by a VPN being installed on  a device or better on the smart home system router. Which is great. Phew… no more hacking !

But did you know the VPN can also be used in other ways – primarily in entertainment and watching content in another country where you would not normally have access? Or shopping online in other countries and scooping up deals?

I often watch American content when I am in the UK and UK content when in the US.

if you are searching online,  the VPN will hide all your data and searches. While I do not endorse secrecy, there are times when your actions need hidden…like banking.


Not all VPNs are made the same. Free or basic VPNs may opt to sell your privacy which defeats the object of being a VPN service. They may not provide customer service to help you Install.  Free VPNs also come with a plethora of ads which are irritating.

The best VPNs offer a quality service, a trial period and most of all, ease of installation and integration with different devices. Here are our picks for this year which we will delve into for your benefit!

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Safer VPN

Express VPN

express vpn banner is number 1 trusted VPN
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  • Free trial
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 100% unconditional money return in 30 days
  • payment accepted in some many forms!
  • Can connect 3 device; if on a router connects everything!
  • 256 byte encryption
  • world’s largest VPN provider
  • 3000 + servers/160 server locations in 94 countries
  • premium bandwidth for fastest speeds
  • 24/7 customer support..with Livechat
express vpn  banner about ultrafast speed
  • Only VPN to work on non VPN compatible devices eg Apple TV and Smart TVs
  • complete privacy and anonymity
  • no activity or connection logs
  • Unblocks Netflix, Amazon, BBC Iplayer, and geo-restricted content   with their media streamer
  • Easy apps for even nonsupported devices
  • best military-grade encryption

Express VPN is one of the best VPNs on the market because of the factors listed above.


Easy To Use

I have used several VPNs but like this one the most, primarily because of ease of use, speed and high levels of encryption. For me it was the easiest to install compared to other VPNs and I did not have the connecting headaches with trying to get it connected to my router and various devices because they have easy to use apps.


Easy To Install

It was amazing that even I could manage to install the VPN – for myself and my parents!  I also liked that the website had my details easily accessible whenever I needed them and even secured my account online!. ExpressVPN also offers multiple apps for ease of use on many devices not supported by other VPNs.


Opinions About Express VPN

Click here to read a detailed review of the Express VPN’s features. We included these snippets here.

get express vpn  to stop hacking
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Nord VPN

Nord VPN is pretty close in quality to Express VPN. The company is not as large as Express VPN. It hasn’t got as many locations but it is not far behind in size and definitely equal in reputation..  Its growth in the VPN market has been due to its unbelievably low prices and good value which attracts many students, who then continue using the service as they start their lives post education. It is very competitive in speed streaming – another draw for gaming students.

Guy sitting at computer protected from home hacking thanks to VPN


  • 30-day unconditional return of funds
  • 75% off  sign up price making the VPN one of the least cost VPN
  • Super-low cost with 3-year signup
  • accepts multiple payment methods
  • Access for 6 devices
  • Killer switch to protect
  • Double VPN Similar to Express the extra encryption to hide all your activity
  • Easy to install with multiple apps
  • Use of the onion Routers system over the VPN to completely protect activity  with complete privacy
  • 5290 servers · 61 countries for is the network of Nord VPN.
  • no logs of your use
  • high speeds  for streaming


Does not work well with non – VPN compliant devices.

They have fewer locations with top speeds.


Safer VPN

Safer VPN has the lowest cost of all 3 providers when you commit to a 3-year subscription. It is the easiest one-click installation to protect your data and streaming but is a much smaller company with  700 servers so there are fewer locations.  Safer VPN does not provide double encryption as Express VPN and Nord VPN provide but you get what you pay for. It is a smaller company but they stand out with their one-click apps.

smast home system vpn works


  • 256-bit encryption
  • Automatic wifi hotspot protection when out and about
  • a Killswitch to stop your data from being accessed if VPN doesn’t work
  • no logging policy on your webwork
  • multiple ways to connect devices
  • 34+ countries
  • Full customer service 24/7.
  • connect up to 5 devices


  • Low monthly cost when paid annually
  • offers a killer switch
  • 256-byte encryption as Express VPN and Nord VPN



Price per month annual (US$)$8.32$6.14$5.49
Money back guaranteeyesyesfree trial
24/7 Live customer serviceyesyesyes
Servers/ server locations3000+/161/5290700/34
Number of devices connected with package365
Encryption levelHighestGreatGood
Ultrafast premium bandwidth restricted countriesYesA fewNo
Killer switch and Wifi hotspot connectivity yesyesyes
App interfaceaward-winningyesyes
geo-restricted streaming Netflix etcyessomesome

So What Will You Do?

For me, there is no question about protecting myself, my family and my business. I don’t need people to know my bank Information. I ensure my family is protected with a VPN and everyone is free to use any device they wish at home. One of my businesses had valuable copyright so my VPN was an important part of intellectual property.

The few dollars a month are well worth the value to protect my teams and family and the annual fee, of course, makes more economic sense If you can’t purchase annual packages, then upgrade at any time to keep them protected.

Let me know which VPN you chose and please comment, like us or share us to a friend who needs this information!

security and encryption banner for express vpn
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  1. Well congratulations, because that is by far the most frightening article title I have come across on the internet today! 

    I have noticed numerous peices on the BBC world news service covering this Huawei phone company, and I wish I had listened more intently now. 

    In your opinion, what countries are most likely to behind these Mr Robot moves, and what can they gain out of them?

    1.  Sorry to scare everyone! 🙁

      Definitely the most obvious countries are China and Russia but don’t be fooled by the quieter countries! I can see all countries moving in this direction in the name security. It is important to be able to protect ourselves (I get hacking calls via by Irish broadband provider daily – from India!) But we also need to be alert to the rights gradually being removed from us.

      For example, why do driver licence government offices need to know the name of my children or spouse? Where is that info stored and who has access to it if someone messes up? That sort of stuff….

  2. Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information on “Hacking”. Most of us aren’t aware of this but companies are constantly tracking our information and devices in some way or the other. By the way, I’m using Huawei P10 Lite, is this safe to use? I’ve bought it in September 2017.

    1. Thanks for comments. Huawei has wonderful features for less cost but the backend of the phones is the problem. They are easily hacked and the company supposedly are enlisted to track for the Chinese. Get a VPN on the phone. Googleplay apps.

  3. Nice post and helpful post. I really appreciate the efforts behind it. Yes, this issue of hacking by Mr robot is rampant now with detrimental experience. I happy for the invention of internet and computers but also come with some threat. I am really glad that vpn is solving already. I always use vpn to stay safe on internet and I do use safer vpn as it affordable and when am still new it gave me a free nice trial then. I also love the review of others in the list but I really prefer safer vpn and I can recommend it anywhere.

    1.  Thank you for your comments.Safer VPn is also popular with students and popular with gamers. If it works for you…use it!  It won’t have  the reach or the high quality bandwidth of Express but it does the job and for sure is cheaper!

  4. Hi, I really don’t get the message you’re trying to pass bit with the little I got I think you’re trying to let people know the importance of saying away from being hacked. I lost a bunch of cryptocurrency data earlylast yer because of the drive I used to store them that got me so exposed. I never knew a government can actually look into technology in terms of hacking activities 

    1. I am so sorry to hear Destiny.  It kinda makes you feel as you say,…exposed! Unfortunately MANY governments can now track each and every one of us but in the West it isn’t legal to track our activity AS MUCH. In the Xinjiang region, if you go into your home to pray, the police know and can take you away. Never let that happen near you!

  5. Thanks for writing this article on Robot hacking homes.i must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this article and doing your findings and research as well. It is a known fact that one way or the other someone somewhere is gaining access into our phone, laptop, Wi-Fi and the rest in other to steal information from us. Even if it not happening now it going to happen in the future,no one is save from hacking as far as internet is concern unless you take a preventive measures like install this vpn mention in this article. Before now I always see the need to use a vpn, but most time I do end up downloading a vpn that dont work. I will try and make use of Nord VPN and see how well it can secure my phone from been hack

    1. Depends on which country and which VPN. NONE of the Vpns have the reach of Express VPN or the ultrafast speed. Express Nord and Safer all have apps. There are others but this post was long enough  🙂

  6. Gosh, there is a lot of information here, I’ll have to read a few times in order to take it all in. Its a worry that with all the high tech stuff we have in our homes that we are being hacked al the time…”big brother is watching you”

    Its good to know that there are solutions to the problem but too I guess those solutions will be hacked too..we have to try to stay a few steps in front all the time.

    1. Hey Louise, not all VPNs are the same but Express VPN encryption is military grade and they are always updating  and improving. Their encryption of all your traffic is DOUBLE encrypted so its almost impossible to crack because it would take ages.  Worth the coffee money you pay to protect your family.

  7. Hi D. Wiser, 

    You got me really scared, there. I really felt unsafe reading how easy it is to be hacked and how social media can contribute to that. 

    That reminds me of an article I read today, the article had it that a certain WordPress plugin was hacked and most websites were compromised, redirecting both visitors and site owners to another site. 

    I am happy that there is a solution and a source of protection from this menace. Vpn is the way to go. I am already using vpn express. 

    1. Wow? Really? A plugin?  It is scary. Watch this space as I explain HOW to use your router  to lockdown and encrypt your whole home…and even weak point like the TV.

  8. Thank you so much for this article article . Indeed the rate of cyber hacking is very alarming and i wonder what all this information are being gathered for in tthe first place aside stealing from ones bank account. Cyber hacking is a major cause of global unrest and many individuals aren’t paying attention.
    Thank you once again for this post

    1. Me too…what do they want? Well guess what? The creation of smart cities are via mobile tech. If massive software companies like Facebook and Google run software tech, they run mega cities… and that is power. Power corrupts. Watch your region and keep big data open source with privacy protocols….

  9. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. I was so surprised how this hacks get in people’s information and request for payment to have access to personal data. These top 3 vpn are pocket friendly with the price, getting them on my phone can secure my personal details. Thanks for the informative review. I’m much delighted, best regards

    1. Great… go protected !  But please if ever there is an opportunity, speak out  to protect your privacy rights…we don’t want the George Orwell 1984 state …..

  10. Scary, but true. Many times I think that we are so exposed using our devices of any kind. Our privacy does not exist anymore, and I agree that we have to protect us.

    I head about the VPN, but I’m not sure how to take benefits from it. Do I need a technician’s help to configure a VPN?

    1. Dany… the sweet thing is you can download an app on your phone or computer and click a button to turn on or off. Express even provides routers configured for you so EVERYTHING in your house will be encrypted. You can even choose to have your whole place officially in a different country via the web!

  11. Your article really freaked me out at first, because I know it’s so true what you’re saying – there are hacking systems all around us, and sometimes we couldn’t even tell. I never lost money in this way, but I know some people who did – due to a system hacking their credit card. So I think that starting to use a VPN could keep me safe from this point of view. Just one quick question, what’s an average price for a new VPN? I never used any and I have no idea how much I should be paying on it. After hearing out about these hacking strategies, I really think it’s important to get one. You say the Express VPN is the best, but it’s also the priciest. So knowing the average price of these devices would help me decide whether it’s a good purchase for me or not, at least at this point. Thanks.

    1. Hey… there are free VPNs but often they sell on some of your data…so what is the point of that? Safer VPN is one of the cheapest, good ones for  a couple of dollars a month but you have to sign up for 3 years. Personally Ilike the option of moving if I am unhappy. 

      Maybe try it on the monthly rate for a month and if you like it switch! However if you are in a territory that is more difficult to access , you may want better signals, speed and protection which is Express again…

  12. That is a very provocative question that you ask in your title of this post “Is there a Mr. Robot hacking your home – or phone?” The answer is unfortunately likely yes. In so many ways as we use our apps and games we allow ourselves to be tracked and have become somewhat numb to it all.

    The young kids today cannot remember the days before smartphones, the internet, the age of ‘smart things’ etc. but if you take a step back we are in the days of George Orwell’s ‘1984 right now and it is for real. The promise of the internet is still there, no doubt, but there are clouds on the horizon. 

    The trend of governments to track people at every level, as the corporations are doing as well, and when G5 is rolled out, not having the ability to step away from the internet, as it will be everywhere as never before, as will the tracking capabilities. It is sort of scary for me and many others.

    The VPN solutions will help somewhat when it comes to using the smartphone, but it too is not a panacea at all. Here in the UAE, using a VPN is illegal and you can get in trouble just for having such an app on your phone (even though they block all three of the options you mention here).

    As a precaution for people in places where they are not banned, I definitely agree that everyone should use a VPN. It will help safeguard your private information. Good post, eye-opening and a call for action to all of us! I am nervously looking around me as I write this!

    1. Wow…they block the VPNs in the UAE? That’s crazy and means the  state can monitor you. It is a privacy right bur you made me laugh with your last phrase. Keep me in the know if there is another round this!

  13. Express VPN is one of the few best  VPN I can refer to anyone, I have been using this VPN for a very long time and I can tell it really works fast and better. Cyber security has really been ignored by lot of people as a result of ignorance and due to our careless online thieves can easily access our websites, hack online platforms and get away with vital information or data that are to be secured. The only way to prevent unauthorized fellow from accessing our platforms by ensuring the security level is intact. I have really learnt a lot of new information here by just reading your post ,example is the Nord VPN as am hearing it for the first time. Thanks for the beautiful message. 

    1. Great to hear from you. There are lots of VPNs but some sell your info. Express VPN as you know has extra layers of encryption and Nord is similar…

  14. I have benefited greatly from reading your article.i read your article and realized that this hack is now the case and i understand how terrible it is.The solutions of various agencies are also going through .It is great to read your article .Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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