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Make Your Ac Smarter – Sensibo Sky 2

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere of the world and own air conditioners to combat the extremely hot summers, you will need to invest in a Sensibo Sky 2 remote.

(Well, let’s correct that statement. European summers have reached 42 degrees Celsius recently, so they need Sensibo Sky 2 as well!)

What is Sensibo Sky 2?

Meet the 2nd generation Sensibo Sky. It’s never been easier to control your air conditioner/heat pump from anywhere, anytime with this smart AC controller which can work with your phone!

Maximize your comfort and save energy. Sensibo is a great remote controller that converts any AC or heat pump into a fabulous smart air conditioner so you can turn it on or off from anywhere and even speaking commands to it. .

And best of all, the Sensibo Sky 2 is super easy to install and can ship all over the world and also comes in kits of 2,3,4 or more remotes kits! This remote will be a big energy saver if you live in hot countries and if you do Airbnb rentals or any type of guest accommodation where your lovely guests forget to turn off airconditioners.

Get a Smarter AC Now!

Sensibo Sky 2 Features

  • Works with split systems, mobile Acs, window Acs, cassettes/central AC in ceiling
  • Compatible with all voltages and power outlets
  • Can be managed from anywhere on your Android or iOS phone or PC web to automate, monitor and save energy
  • Works with heat pumps also
  • Unlimited 7 day period schedules/scenes, timers, climate react triggers and
  • Automatically turns on or off as you arrive or leave via your phone
  • Geofencing on/off
  • Shareable app and Ac settings to other phones
  • Works with Alexa and Google voice
  • Open IFTTT for other hubs like SmartThings
  • Amazon choice product


You would think that compatibility would be the norm in the 21st century but it is still a special feature!

Sensibo is compatible in every country, and with any voltage and power outlet – installation takes less than a minute!

So the AC is part of the Smart Home System Now?

Get a smart, energy efficient AC which also acts as a heater for your space!


Voice Activated

The Sensibo Sky 2 controller connects to your smartphone after you have downloaded the appand connected your airconditioner. We describe how below and recommend following the attached video from Gadget Whisperer which shows step by step installation.

The video shows how you can connect up your Echo or Google Echo. Then you can speak your AC!

Sensibo with Google Home

Energy saving

The Sensibo smart controller promises up to 40% in energy savings by using the Sensibo Sky 2 controller. By controlling the AC with the Climate React component you can set room temperatures to your comfort level and the air conditioner can reduce flow when you leave. Add a SmartThings smart sensor to your Sensibo gadget and the savings are bound to increase.

With the Climate React feature you can set triggers to change the climate in your room based on temperature, humidity and comfort levels and choices. You can even consider using Climate React to reduce extreme fluctuations of heat and humidity which can damage your expensive unit which is a big plus in the humid tropic zones.

For more on how you can save energy , check out the Sensibo company blog or reach out to their fabulous customer service on Facebook.

Get a Smarter AC Now!

Smart Phone Linked

Sensibo phone app on cell phone
Phone App Control

The height of convenience is that smart device can be managed by your smart phone. Sensibo is just that. The app allows you heat and cool with your air conditioner/heat pump, schedule and time when it goes on and off, view room temperature.

How Sensibo Sky 2 Is Installed – No Electrician Required

Thankfully this smart home device is small and quick and simple to install.

Some people have had issues and bugs with the installation so it would be advisable to watch the installation video below prior to installing. The video will also help you understand if this is the  device for you.  Based on the many positive reviews you can read, I think you will agree that the Sensibo is just what you need.

The video has several good installation pointers to note which is why I have included them here.

Installation Tips

1. Best install Sensibo just below or to the side of AC and within 6 meters of AC. Some put it opposite the AC on another wall to get more accurate room temperature readings on the app.

2. Do not place straight on the wall – QR code to rear needed for setup

3. Sensibo Sky 2 should be installed with your data on to start with before relying on only WiFi..it is safer


Customer Reviews

There is not much I can say that is negative about the Sensibo smart AC/heatpump controller. The biggest complaints I saw was the difficulty in setting up the controller which may be down to older ACs or people not following installation correctly. At all times, customer support was there for any queries.

The reviews about the support from the Sensibo company are impressive! Customers have given the customer support at Sensibo top marks and will go out of their way to solve any issues you may have.

Have a read of the over 300 reviews here.

4.0 out of 5 stars  Update from a previous ratingJune 18, 2018

Color: Storm GreyVerified PurchaseUPDATE: I previously gave this product two stars because, even with the help of technical assistance, the unit didn’t hook-up to my WiFi. Boy, did things change for the better. A wonderful and determined technical assistant named “Chloe” informed me that there is an updated Sensibo unit that has better connections to WiFi. The updated unit was sent to me and, viola, connected flawlessly to my WiFi and is now operating a ductless A/C unit.

September 3, 2018

Interesting, didn’t expect too much from this little device. Surprised to see it really works so well. I don’t have it hung on the wall – I have it on a shelf. It must be in line of sight to the air conditioner it is controlling.

Who Are Sensibo

Sensibo was founded in November 2013 by Omer Enbar and Ran Roth.[1]

In 2004 Omer Enbar had built a personal control system to activate his air conditioner via email prior to biking home from work. The system connected an IR blaster to a laptop that would send a signal to the AC every time he emailed with the title “AC on” or “AC off”.

During 2013, Omer Enbar and Ran Roth manually built and deployed several prototypes to friends and family. They later proceeded to found the company. Sensibo subsequently crowdfunded their products and raised thousands to deliver the remote controller.

The Wrap Up

We highlighted this simple smart device because t will be a valuable and useful piece of kit for people wanting a smarter less costly air conditioner. In the same way people can use Nest or Wider to control their heating via their phones from anywhere, you can use the Sensibo to control the AC. The fact that it can be used anywhere in the world and on pretty much almost Airconditioner that responds o the remote means this device has great appeal worldwide.

If you have used one and had experience with it, please send us a comment on any of our social media pages. Has it really saved you money on your energy bill? Does it really turn on before you walk in the door? We would love to hear! (Oh and if you like this post please hit our like button so we know what others you want!)

Get a Smarter AC Now!

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  1. this is really something I would need. I live in Souther Spain and here at times it cabn get really too hot. It is hard to  manage properly the aircondition without running into a very expenisve electric bill and the house is not even cool as i want it. I will be able to set all that properly now and control in a much more efficient way. Thank you for the review

    1. Barbara, Thanks for you comments. Yes I know about heat and high electric bills! I had a look at how much I could save with smart tech and this is just one component… But I think it will have a big impact on your bill and comfort!

  2. Straight to my wish list. The features are too good to be true. If not for anything, the fact that it has voice activation and also that it can be installed on a smartphone will make me want to get it. I watched the video, and it doesn’t look bad at all. I should bookmark this page right away. Thanks

    1. Lol…and guess what it works too! My only advice is that you check the youtube video for installation as a few peoplehad setup glitches…and I think its mainly because the QR code may not be scanned?I don’t know. Anyway the company support is right there to help….

      Thanks for stopping by!

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