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On our islandhomeplans.com website, our recommended reviews are about quality and value are therefore rarely the cheapest. We simply don’t believe that they will be good enough value for money for you and the rest of my audience. And I don’t want you paying twice!

We have an ever growing list of recommended reviews. We check the bigger sites who have checked and double checked and tested products as a cross-reference. Which?, Wirecutter, Techcrunch, House and Garden, Houzz are some of the companies we refer to first. Even Amazon bestsellers are not necessarily good guides in themselves: the verified buyers worldwide review products act as our advisers.

Design and Lifestyle

Our recommended reviews are primarily designed products for the home and lifestyle products linked to home (like my dodgy bike!)

When we reviewed our slow cooker, it was because it was a great slow cooker. With features like the automatic turnoff and warm, it makes it super convenient. We thought our audience would be interested and the comments proved that point!

Recommending smart home products is always tricky as they change over time. But when you are trying to claw in savings, spending a bit more upfront is often worth it for the savings you may gain over the lifetime of the product. This is the case with my new microwave I invested in. Sure you can get microwaves for 40-50 dollars (or pounds) but I opted to spend double that so that I could save my electricity bill for at least a minimum of 3 years.

Kitting Out Your Home with Quality Moneysaving SmartHome Systems

In fact. as an affiliate marketer, I will probably lose some sales commissions for not promoting the most popular items. My blog on how much you can save at home with quality money saving smart home systems offers you the recommended reviews on quality and savings on products.

Our selections are not necessarily the flashiest or most hyped but they do the job well for reasonable cost. Products, for example that save on heating, water, air cooling and more. But the items are NEVER the cheapest!

The Worst Money Wasting – Poor Quality Products

Look for the way to exit before you start ..

Maybe the most dangerous and worst money wasting online products are money making scams which cleverly dupe us of out money. Now there’s something that gets me riled! I have had a few of those although I have to say most of the time. I have been lucky to see them coming .

Here are the signs of money-wasters:

1. Dud courses and investments: Offer you earnings of large sums quickly…like 100,0000 a month or 50,000 tomorrow or a 1 million dollars in one years.

2. Products and courses: Wanting you to sign up RIGHT NOW. All the high pressure tactics

3. Products , courses, investments: No offer of full refunds

4. Products, courses: Wanting Pay up with your details without free trials or full moneyback guarantee

5. Anything! No information on what you will be getting for your money

6. Products, courses: Poor customer reviews

These programs are becoming more and more clever so you do have to be very careful. Scams fool thousands every year as we highlight here.

For me, a free trial without needing my credit card is pretty important. And the full upfront detail on costs is imperative! A lot of programs add on and up sell and should be upfront about it … if it’s with pressure , I’m usually out of there.

Get Out Clause

Look for the way to exit before you start. If you are stuck for months and you don’t like it you are in trouble.

I got stuck recently when I did not read the fine print on a trial program recently (drop me a line and I will send you the name) My 6 week trial had a fine print of 6 months lock-in subscription! And I could not get out of it on the last day on my trial. No one should have to go through this.

The Best on The Web

The best programs clearly state what you will get for your money and what you will learn. The best programs offer money back by a certain time, provides trials and allows you to leave whenever you wish. The best products offer quality and great returns service. This is why we recommend reviews of Amazon.com and Ebay products to mention a couple.

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Our Recommended Review for A Course

If you also want to earn extra money online, you need to study the web and learn what to avoid. You can learn to build websites like Islandhomeplans.com and earn a monthly side or main income past your retirement years.

It is not difficult but it does take effort and dedication for at least 6 months and then you begin to see income -fruit of your training and work.

You can read our review and why we selected this option .



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