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A Selection of Small Home Designs for the Caribbean   We have been asked many times to create a selection of small home designs for tropical islands and below we ave our most popular designs. For more inspiration , have a look at our modern small home design plans page.

Over the years, Islandhomeplans ( previously Trinity Homes in Barbados) has designed, built and been awarded for meeting needs of the affordable homes (under 1000 sq ft /93 sq m) demand market in Barbados. Several small home design plans were built  more than once and here they are.

Heliconia B

small home design Heliconia B
Heliconia B Home

AREA: 715 SQ FT( without patios)



Ideal for a smaller plot, or multiple units and of course, the Caribbean. Another of our Inaugural Homes small house designs plan range, it is under 1000 sq ft, utilizing all the space available. Simple and practical for anyone on a budget, or simply requiring a smaller design. The design is available in 2 sizes between 660 sq ft and 715 sq ft depending on requirements.    

small home design Heliconia C Plan
Heliconia c Floorplans

Heliconia C

small home design Heliconia B
Heliconia C From above

AREA: 735 SQ FT( without patios)



The third of the 3 Heliconia small home design plans which have been built several times. This is the largest, with 3 bedrooms, a good size kitchen for a small design, and a larger living/dining area. The private bedroom spaces are separated well from the family area. This design would suit a smaller square or oblong lot and is ideal as a wood or blockwork cottage for rental or short stays in the Caribbean or as an affordable home design.




BATHROOMS: 2 A modern affordable home design of a two storey, two bedroom townhouses with a curved stairwell to the open-plan living-dining-kitchen area, perfect as a starter home. Balconies and patios can be added.

The design has an open-plan ground floor which can be adapted in several ways while the first floor can take bedroom balconies and an additional bathroom as one of the variations.

Ground Floor Plan
first floor


Stronghaven side

AREA: 830 -1200 SQ FT


BATHROOMS: 2 If you’re on a budget, have a small plot, and know that you are going to need to expand in the future, this is a good house for you. Being raised on columns, extra space can be added underneath later. The area underneath can be utilized as vehicle space or a covered outdoor laundry area. Whether you plan to expand or not this is a neat, compact, unique small home design that can be adapted in numerous ways to suit your exact needs.

The design can be adapted to have a balcony in front rather than the side and rooms on the ground floor ( we have built bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.) The point is that the this modern small home design has security, and addsadditional floor area to the home by standing on columns.

Our Favourite Plans

With 20 years of experience in residential design and construction, we have selected our most popular, most sold affordable house plans and most desired small home plans. They can be lived in, or be used as rentals, even used for a business !

Our key offering is not just the plans but also the online design services offered for when your home is to be designed. All plans shown are available to be adapted as you see fit!

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