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Small Houseplan Building Airbnb Income – 6 Steps

First, Let Me Introduce You….

Set on the  Causeway coast of Ireland in  little village Castlerock is a  small houseplan studio apartment which is a  5 star Airbnb. I know it is  a popular  location because it is booked most of the year  – with 3-6 months bookings in advance!

Here’s a sample of one of the 50 reviews:

“Loved everything about this little gem of a place from Nicola the owner; her dogs the studio, gardens and hot tub… coulda stayed a week .even our dog loved it !

What’s Special About Your Location?

Castlerock is a lovely little seaside village, near Portrush and Portstewart, home to the 2017 international Golf Tournament  on the North Coast of Ireland. Even better it is near to the Dark Hedges where the Games of Thrones was filmed and the glens of Antrim-popular walking areas .

Mussenden Temple at the small houseplan airbnb location
The Mussenden Temple, Castlerock, Northern Ireland

Of course one of the seven wonders of the world, the Giant’s Causeway , is only about 45 minutes drive away too! And symbols like this Mussenden Temple are icobic in the area. So you can imagine how sleepy Castlerock comes alive in the summer as locals and tourists alike people head for the beautiful wide beaches in the village. Even other surrounding outstanding beauty locations of Benone and Port Ballintrae benefit!

Nestled in the little village is the Studio Apartment. I selected this Airbnb as an example of how you can use a small modern house plan and make an income to help support you. Just follow Nicola’s example,  set out in steps below!

1.  Using a Small House Plan Airbnb Layout

I have spoken about the usefulness of small house plans. They can be used as a home and as an important income earning potential. So this example of a garden storage building which has become an excellent Airbnb apartment and is a fine example of a small house plan put to great use! For this Airbnb, we are using 312 square feet or thereabouts. The plan consists of a studio with a kitchenette and a bathroom. The space allows for individuals and couples to stay and have privacy as this particular unit is set in a garden away from the main house with its own entrance – like a cottage. Judging from the bookings, people love the independence.

airbnb plan

You can see from this plan that a lot of space was not needed. It is more the little extras that came with this simple plan. After all it was a garden storage space. This little unit has a story which makes it dear to me.

Airbnb small houseplan from islandhomeplans.com

2. What’s Your Unique Story?  Add interest…

I think most Airbnbs have stories. They are created by individuals not massive hotel chains and therefore are each unique. If I had enough time, I could spend months traveling to these rentals just to have the unique story behind each one. That adds to the enjoyment of traveling!

This unit is in Castlerock, a tiny village in Northern Ireland near the train line that goes through the towns of Derry-Londonderry, Coleraine and Belfast. The Queen often takes her steam train along this route which runs along Foyle River, through beautiful Benone and onto the edge of the Northern Irish beaches at Castlerock.

small houseplan building for airbnb
Barrel of beer for the man cave in the garden

This garden room was a relaxing “man cave” for some of the older men in the village once. They would gather in there with their beer and Guinness and a radio and enjoy company and “craic”, away from the house. I can see them now in the unfinished space having a laugh and telling stories.

After the owner, my father-in-law passed, it became a temporary bedsit to my two teen boys on their travels to North Ireland, which then created the idea of an AirBNB.

There are just thousands of little stories like these for Airbnb which add charm and personality to the rental you wish to create. I would love to hear some, so write in our comments section below.

3. The Tart Up

The garden room was once just bare blocks with a door, windows, and a roof…for years. It needed quite a bit of work for my sons to stay there and after that more to convert it to a successful Airbnb! To make it cosy and warm, all walls were plastered.

If you are planning to create an Airbnb listing from a garden cabana, you may want to install a plasterboard or plywood wall finish. Remember the space can be small but must be comfy!

 List your space for free and get free tips and calculators!

First of all,Nicola added extra electrics for lamps, TV, a kitchen and the all-important WiFi /streaming TV. In this studio, colours were kept light, neutral and bright… ideal in summer to keep the room cool and in winter to reflect daylight.

Of course there are are many ways to doll up your rental space but the majority of people like neutral tones with a pop of colour. If you want decor ideas on dolling up a rental space, the actual Airbnb website has a whole resources section with fun and inexpensive ideas to graduate a space from a shell to an inviting nook.

Studio apartment,Castlerock
Studio Apartment

4. Curb Appeal

Moving to the fourth stage, once you have dolled up the interior, we suggest a bit of ” curb appeal” for the exterior no matter where the rental is! Exterior finish is a first impression and can consist of a single plant or light fitting but it is still important as you have about 20 seconds to grab a possible customers attention! In this Studio Apartment, Castlerock, the shed was in a garden which had been split up into garden rooms. It revealed a with a series of timber gridded walls and vine trainer pergolas. Additionally, the design allowed for a coy pond and a walkway with heavily flowering clematis. In one room is a bench for a peaceful moment of meditation.in another a patch of grass with bird feeders. This garden has developed over years but simple garden delights can be  stepping stones to the door and window or fence flower boxes.

studio apartment curb appeal
Airbnb studio Apartment in Castlerock, North Ireland

5. Extra Couple of Thousand Dollars?

After this artistic and fun work, it is are finally ready for Airbnb signup and registration and you really have a great package to offer. If you want to do this, you can – people travel all over the world and need a place to stay! It is so easy to join Airbnb but your space should be almost ready as you need to have photos of the space on your page.

Airbnb provide lots of advice on their page and many suggestions to help you. Customers want to view what they are getting and are much more likely to book your unit! They want a guarantee that money spent is worth it. As Airbnb registration is instant, we suggest applying to become a host  as soon as the curb appeal is at least 3/4 complete.

small house plan building Airbnb

Fill out the forms online and register your property to complete your property booking page and you are good to go! Airbnb will organize your payment system for you. It’s actually great as you don’t need to deal with the money from your guest, just the service. Airbnb requests money up front, handles refunds, and pays you wherever you are in the world, saving you lots of hassle! However, if you are not sure how Airbnb works and how much and when you are paid, check out this page. You will find that as people enjoy their stays, your ratings  may improve and some owners can earn around US$1500+ a month –  well worth the effort!

What would you do with extra money every week? Hosts on Airbnb use the income they earn to save for retirement or travel, Start hosting today!

6. The Superhosting Extras

More importantly, what really adds value and gives you superhost status (so you get bookings continually) are the extras. In the little village of Castlerock, Ireland, The Studio Apartment comes with things that make the guests go ‘wow’ and provide the 5 star ratings. Check it out yourself on Airbnb!

  • multi channel TV viewing
  • WiFi
  • bring the pets
  • a hot tub option ..even in winter!
  • fresh bakery items in the kitchenette on arrival
  • maps and tourist information freebies
  • guestbook for feedback
The Studio Private Hot Tub
Studio Apartment Castlerock Hot Tub

So Finally …Free List It and Dosh

Got the space? You now have the method for an Airbnb income with a small houseplan garden storage room. You can even source the ideas from the Airbnb hosting assistance webpages!  Or drop us a line if you have questions and we will give you some help. Most of all, enjoy all the new friends you make!

NB. All correspondence contact information is not shared. Checkout privacy policy here.

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