Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – Best Deals 2019

I confess – a smart bean to cup coffee machine is the ultimate luxury in my opinion! I have been searching for a smart bean to cup coffee machine to add to my upgraded smart home network.

(Yeah… totally unnecessary and silly – but very enjoyable, right?)

Well I found one finally.  And with Prime and its various specials on goods and shipping, you can get one discounted for yourself or as a lovely gift for someone special.

I’m going to giving you the breakdown here so you can decide.

(If I was given one of these bad boys, I would be in seventh heaven….it would be a gift that keeps on giving!) So let’s have a look at these sweet deals.


Melitta F85_0-102 Barista TS Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The features of the Smart Coffee machine – Luxury!


Brand/Name:  Melitta F85_0-102 Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

Colour:        Black/chrome

Volume:      1.8 Litre

Wattage:     1450W

Types of Coffee:  Expresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte and more


The Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

smart bean to coffee machines

You will be reading this because like me, you want a Smart bean to cup coffee machine!

(How decadent of you!)

The idea that you can wake up on the weekend and stay in bed and with your phone, press a button to have your coffee prepared in one of 21 ways is very appealing. (Shame it doesn’t have a robot to deliver it to me in bed too – especially in winter!)

If you have a re-usable to – go cup, this smart bean to cup coffee machine can save you a lot of coffee dollars!

If you are in the habit of buying 4 cups of coffee a week at £2/$2.50 each time or more -, you will be costing yourself around £416 – 450 ( $520 – $570 a year!)

(Maybe it’s time to bring the friends to your house instead and serve them a non alcoholic home brewed treat!)


 Quick Description

 The Melitta Smart Coffee Machine

This is a fully automated, one touch, smart bean to cup coffee machine. It has intelligent technology and even tells you when it needs new coffee beans and needs descaling and comes with its own cleaning and descaler kit.

The Melitta smart bean to cup coffee machines are designed and manufactured in Germany and are high quality, easy to use and compact when compared to other high-end coffee machines. They have “quiet as a whisper grinders” -( steel conical grinders,) and is energy saving – with an energy saving mode and programmable automatic shutdown.

What You Get – Specification

  • 1 Melitta Barista TS SMART F85/0-101
  • Bean to Cup Coffee Machine,
  • Weight: 10.3 kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 29.5 x 37.2 x 46.7 cm
  • 1 m cable
  • Milk Container Included
  • Water tank (1.8 L) with filter
  • Grain compartment 2 x 125g


Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Features

 Melitta Connect App.

melitta app  forsmart coffee machine

The coffee machine has a handy  Melitta Connect App where you can manage many of the automatic coffee machine features from your smart phone. You can manage your appliance settings and personal My Coffee profiles can be programmed and saved.

The App provides coffee recipes and tutorials on cleaning and maintaining the machine. And you can even create your own coffee specialities.

The Melitta Connect App of this smart bean to coffee machine is managed on blutooth not WiFi as yet. (Although of course, you can add a Wifi plug from a company like Samsung Smart Things and add it to your home network. )

The Downside of the App

The biggest complaint about the My Connect app is that it does not work consistently! From the many complaints about the app  it seems that many people did not share their location before setting up the app on their phones and then of course could not get the app to work!

Thankfully, there is a strong Melitta customer service team, who are available to assist you with the App setup and will get you up and running.

For those of us who did share our location on setup, the app is a convenient  fun add-on  to make our coffee part of our home automation network!

My Coffee Memory

Another neat thing about the Melitta Smart bean to cup Coffee machine is the ability to remember    your coffee preference for up to 8 people! You can program each person’s individual coffee specialities .  

With 21 speciality coffee types available in the recipe book and 4 classics expresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button, you can make americanos, expresso doppio, flat whites or ristretto. This is very convenient!

In my household alone, we have the latte, the cappuccino, the flat white, the strong flat white. It can get complicated! We therefore love the 8 person coffee type storage feature!

The Super Quiet Grinder

Have you ever tried to have a conversation while grinding beans? A bit of a joke right?

There are a few more advantages to this smart coffee maker.

The super quiet grinder is a big plus. I love the smell of fresh beans but not the racket of a grinder! The Melitta smart coffee machine can grind the beans to different levels as needed by the different coffee types…q u i e t l y.

With the Best Aroma System Plus and the IntenseAroma feature, 2 airtight grain compartments, the  Ground coffee chute,  and 5 settings for coffee strength, the grinder delivers the best grind for your cuppa – I can taste it now!

The simple customised coffee selection with Automatic Bean Select will select the amount of coffee (25 ml – 220 ml),  and automate choice of grain type.

Cleaning and Storage

I really love the  storable milk container! No jugs needed and the milk stor age container can pop into the fridge as it is and brought out cold when needed for frothing!

Remember I mentioned that the machine is automatic?  You can  keep the machine and coffee taste excellent  with automatic cleaning and descaling, Includes welcome pack cleaning kit, Easy to clean interior thanks to the removable brewing unit – Dishwasher safe.

This is a coffee machine which really considers the hassle factor of making fresh coffee and solves the grunt work.

The machine is well worth the money!

Prime Day Deal  -The Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Maker On Sale Now for £720!

It won’t last forever. This machine has  2 – 3 models and this smart coffee machine model is on sale ! Take advantage of the deals for Prime which will soon be over and get this machine better priced than another smart coffee machine!

Here we have a comparison of two models….

This silver and black model is  presently at £400 cheaper and you can get an extra 10% off. You really can’t get a better price for a high quality coffee machine!

Unfortunately it is only for a couple of days…until July 15th Prime Day deals.

Prime Day

Of course, you won’t be able to get this huge drop in price unless you are Prime member. The cost is free for 30 days (during which you can stop Prime subscription or £7.99 a month which gives you a pile of other options!)

Read more about Prime Day here and join Prime.


The Price – Worth It?       

It’s not a cheap coffee maker. But using one of these will give you as fresh a cup or batter than your favourite coffee shop.

But don’t believe me! Read one of the 28 reviews that gave the machine a 4 star rating.

5.0 out of 5 starsFantastic Bean to Cup Coffee Machines9 February 2019Colour: BlackVerified PurchaseAfter 3 months of use I am really impressed with this machine, it’s easy to clean and has an amazing amount of settings and functions that you can customise. The mobile App is slightly under developed and needs more work from Melitta however I’ve hardly used it, once you setup your recipes on the main touch screen you’re good to go. Highly recommend and wouldn’t look at another brand. Worth the investment.Helpfu

Read more reviews>>>>>

5.0 out of 5 starsFantastic coffee!7 February 2019Colour: BlackVerified PurchaseWe love the arrangement for having two different sorts of beans. I use decaffeinated beans while my husband prefers normal beans and so we can both use the machine at the same time. It was very easy to set up. We haven’t used the Bluetooth technology as we don’t need it. It is very stylish, quiet and makes fantastic coffee.

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  1. One of the features you mentioned is quite important to me.  And that is definately the quiet coffee grinding.  Wow the amount of times I have been woken up with the coffee machine we have at the moment is more than I can count.  I will not name what we have as it not really that bad at making coffee.  But it so bad at making noise I wonder if it was worth buying in the first place.  I seriously considering just throwing it out and buying this one.

    1. lol…I can imagine!!!  I actually don’t own one of these…it’s on my wish list but I have seen it in action! And yes, having a conversation with one working at the same time is nice…I have been in homes where you have to staop talking to grind the coffee!!!!

      The best thing is that 33% is off now because of Prime day deals and there is an extra voucher with another 10% off… so it’s perfect to snap up now if you can afford it!

      They are not cheap machines because they do deliver automation and loads of coffee variations so your home becomes the Starbucks for friends and family.

  2. My best friend owns the Melitta F85 0-102 Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine and I can say that it’s really the most amazing coffee machine I’ve ever seen.

    I want to purchase the exact same model but I need to ask you something as my friend doesn’t know because he doesn’t bother with such things.

    Could I somehow connect it to my smartphone and order it to start making my coffee from let’s say my work or when I am on my way home remotely?

    1. Harry, you think like me!

      Do you know I searched high and low for SMART coffee machines and only found the Melitta i wrote about? Oh ..and a model from China -( cheaper, Wifi enabled but with no ratings …so I wasn’t sure about that one.)

      So with the Melitta, yes…you can tell it to make a fancy coffee from your phone via Bluetooth only. That’s not the same as Wifi…so probably not from work  but from somewhere within Bluetooth range at home. 

      In addition, many people complain about the app (on Google Playstore – Melitta Connect) but it seems to be that most have not understood that you MUST share your location to have the app on the phone connect to the coffee machine. Melitta have excellent customer service and will assist.

      However…if you really want the machine on Wifi, I would suggest using a Wifi socket …many available on Amazon … I have written about them. Get them cheaper at the  Amazon Prime day sales where EVERYTHING has huge discounts. But you have to join Prime…either FREE for 30 days or pay for a month to get the special deals.

  3. Excellent post you have up here. The thought of having my cappuccino prepared while I’m just getting out of bed is getting me turned on already. Such convenience this coffee to cup machine will bring to me and besides, it can store up to 8 different choices. Wow! I just love the feeling I’m getting. And what other luck – being a prime member on Amazon and as such, I’d be able to get it as a great deal. Wow! I must place my order ASAP.. I will surely come back here to share my experience. Thanks

    1. You would truly be the lucky one as the Prime day deals for this coffee machine finish at 23.30 on Prime day 15th! You can get this top of the line automated machine at about 43% off!

      As I mentioned already to others, it is definitely on my wish list for my future kitchen makeover….I want to make one of those fancy multi layer coffees…from my bed!

  4. Heyyy

    That’s an awesome machine. I really want one for myself. Too bad I’m not in the UK. But the idea is simply amazing. One touch coffee and 21 varieties, that’s heaven. I hope the taste is equally good too. And yeah, I drink a lot of coffee more than 4 mugs a week, around 7-10, so something like this is really appealing. Well, thanks for sharing, I’ll look up for something like this locally.

    1. 4 mugs a week is NOT a lot of coffee… you are very controlled! When people will have 4 a day! I don’t like too many a week …but I like quality coffee….

      You can get several types of coffee machines via Ebay and most of those are worldwide…although you may not get all the deals such as Amazon….they aren’t too bad….

  5. Wow, I didn’t know that technology has advanced so much to the coffee production. Smart Bean to Cup is a high-quality coffee machine that it’s worth buying one. You can use beans of different types at the same time and it has a program for each person’s preference. It’s so smart, convenient and practice in use. I would like to have it, as I’m a coffee lover and I always wanted to have my coffee in the morning by pressing a button, magically. It could also be used at a cafe. Who barista would not want to work with it? I would love it, as a barista for years. 

    Cheers, Thodoris.

    1. Yup…it is a bit like magic…lol. 

      There are several automatic machines on the market but I have only seen one with the  an app and its Melitta!

  6. Who would say no to its features? What caught my attention is the bluetooth connectivity. I mean, you don’t even have to leave your guests just to prepare the coffee selection. There’s even a lot of coffee preparation to choose from. This is unlike other coffee machine that only provides different flavors because of the instant concentrated coffee capsules which are store bought. 

    I love how you can customize it to your preference and can even program what you like best. Cleaning is even made easier because it’s automatic. I would say you would get what you deserve at its price point. This coffee machine is a good investment for household use. Thanks for sharing this genius product. I am a coffee lover as well as my family. This is something that everyone would love to have in the house.

    1. I so agree. And I didn’t even think about leaving your guests! Such a good idea…with the preset coffee types you could have at least 2 cups ready and from the sofa just touch the programme and go! 

      If there were more friends you would still have to go and get two more cups…:) Need a robot now to deliver it…like the Jetsons!

      lol…How decadent can we get?

  7. This Smart Bean Coffee Machine has amazing features with the Melitta connect App that you can install. It can be used to control the Coffee Machine and set the settings to Clean it.

    I am in love with this Coffee Maker! Although it does not work with WiFi just yet and only Bluetooth, it is amazing to have an app to control it when you are in a rush for work in the morning. 

    I love my coffee in the morning, but I am at times lazy to make it. With this Coffee Machine, I can easily get up in the morning and receive my Coffee.

    This was a great post on this topic. I am sure to tell my husband about this.

    Thank you and all the best.

    1. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only lazy one! 

      I feel so guilty wanting the coffee without getting up to make it (twice out of bed in winter!…grrrrr)

      But you CAN Wifi it with a Wifi.plug..and even tell Alexa to turn it on!

      (I’m sure the next upgrade will be Wifi! ) I’m not sure if with the Wifi plug will allow all the variations but it will certainly turn it on and off from your bed. 🙂 Sweeeeet.

  8. One click coffee machine? Sllilent coffee grinder? All automatic? C’mon who needs coffee shops anymore? The fact that you can tell how much I’ve been wasting is painful and surely j must get this on Amazon soon. Can’t even believe it really does exist. I think I need to hurry before offer runs out. I’m just so excited about this coffee machine. Thanks for the review!

    1. lolol…. hahaha. You are funny! I think coffee shops are for social interaction and atmosphere but you can do it all at home? And save? 

      Well… you might have everyone coming to you next…so charge them!….lol. 

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