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So the AC is Part of the New Smart Home System Now?[Best 2019 AC]

The Best Smart Home System Products  – Air Conditioners

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I just discovered that air – conditioners are now included in our smart home system product lists – and that the the Ambista Electric from Midea (one of the top manufacturers available with more futuristic models ) is a neat lower cost way to cool and heat your home wirelessly!

Finally, someone heard us! Recently summers  have been one of the hottest summers on record with sales of iced anything breaking records! This year ? Here we go again! Blasting heat.  It has been so hot that even Sweden had forest fires in the Artic Circle ! Europe was even hotter than the Caribbean!

 The Search Was On

And so we felt the need to search for a new AC for a new office in one of our new dual occupancy homes and hey presto! discovered a smart AC – another item to  join the our smart home product gallery favourites.

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After  recent heat waves over the summers and with the interest in smart home tech, it is now becoming a key fixture in at least one room in most homes to have a smart home system air conditioner.

The Ambista AC is the best bet for  both hotter climates and  cooler locations such as Europe because they also heat pumps and can double as heaters.

Ambista: a new smart home system air conditioner - split system  and remote
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Ambista Smart Home AC – The Detail

  • A+++ Highest Efficiency
  • SCOP of 5.3, SEER 9.7, 9000 BTU
  • Pre-Gassed with New ECO R32 Gas
  • Modern Design
  • Very Low noise- 20dB
technical spec sheet photo for ambista smart home system AC
Specification Sheet

I could go into detail about several different ACs; it will probably bore you, so for this particular write-up we are looking primarily at the Ambista Alpha split system AC by Midea – a little known yet top rated smart home product from a world class manufacturer , and an easy-to-install unit which is one of the more affordable ones while providing a host of great features.

The Ambista Electric 9000 BTU  ALPHA 25 LNA. 2018 is a high wall easy install Air Conditioner and one of the best smart home products in its range.  It is  a split AC  (the fan on the inside and the compressor on the outside) designed specifically for easy installation but carries a bunch of smart features  which we will review.

Now on sale !

The Brand

If you’ve never heard of Midea, the brand family for the Ambista, it wouldn’t surprise me as it is not known to the Western  public like Carrier or Pioneer. But anyone working with air conditionersknow this powerhouse company. So let’s get some background information out of the way.

logo for Midea Co in blue

The huge  Midea brand is Chinese and known to industry professionals as one of the biggest and best brands for appliances worldwide. Now before you log off thinking these ACs will catch fire, let me explain more of who Midea are.

History of Midea Big Brand

The Midea Group is a huge Fortune 500 Global corporation, manufacturing consumer appliances, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning products and artificial intelligence products among other things. In other words, it ranks in the top 500 companies that dominate the globe, not just a country.  The company spends heavily improving and researching smart home systems and developing new and improved smart home products.

Founded in 1968 in Guangdong, China, Midea has now established a global platform of more than 200 subsidiaries, over 60 overseas branches and 12 strategic business units, as well as being the majority shareholder of KUKA (95% shareholding).

It has 130,000 staff and creates billions in profit annually. You can out find more about the company here. Suffice it to say, they have the resources to support your AC model and continually innovate better ones.

 How to Get a Smart Air Conditioner

There are 4 types of AC systems all of which can be created as or converted  to smart air conditioners:

  • DUCTED AIR CONDITIONERS – normally used in offices. Most expensive system, needing multiple sensors  and requiring a full suite of IFTTT (If this then that -Internet of things) technology.
  • WINDOW MOUNTED AIR CONDITIONERS– one of the cheapest ways to cool your space. It also uses fresh air. But they are bulky and ugly and are used less and less these days.
  • PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONERS – sweet little units because they can move from room to room and are plug – in making them the most flexible and convenient.They however do not use fresh air…only recirculate room air.
  • DUCTLESS MINI-SPLIT AIR CONDITIONER: The quietest of all Ac uniits as their systems are “split” with the noisy compressor unit on the outside of the home and only the fan on the inside. They tend to be the most expensive of AC units but often the most popular because they are quiet and can in a variety of sizes from 8000 BTU -18000 BTU for different size spaces. They can be the most tricky to install also because they are split systems.
ambista electric smart home system air conditioner
The Ambista Electric installed

The  Ambista Electric 9000 BTU Midea powered ALPHA 25LNA KIT. 2018 High wall easy-fit DC Inverter Air Conditioner.

Now on sale !

The features of this sleek split air condition unit as a relatively new smart home product are listed below. The Ambista is one of the easiest AC units to install.

  1. Brand: Ambista Electric
  2. Color: White
  3. EAN: 4742859018817
  4. Label: Ambista Electric / Midea OEM
  5. Manufacturer: Ambista Electric / Midea OEM
  6. Part Number: ALPHA25LNA
  7.  User Detection 
  8. Ultra Low Ambient Heating 
  9. Maintenance Heating Mode
  10. 0,5°c Temperature Control
  11. Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant 
  12. Sleek Hidden Display –
  13. Self-cleaning
  14. Low Noise Level/Sound Pressure 20dB
  15. Tolerance to -30 -CE certified
  16. A+++ Highest Efficiency
  17. SCOP of 5.3, SEER 9.7, 9000 BTU
  18. Pre-Gassed with New ECO R32 Gas
ambista smart air conditioner
The Ambista Electric 9000 air conditioner kit

 The Pros and  Cons Of the Smart AC Unit

I think having an AC which is Smart/ Wifi enabled in your home is wonderful. The ability to have more control over the temperature and room cooling is not only energy saving, it’s convenient. Of course, you would need a controller such as the ones listed below which themselves are some of the top rated smart home systems.  These controller apps  not only allows you to control the air conditioner, it increases features and manageability of your unit:

However, let’s look at the  both the benefits and cons of  Smart/Wi-Fi  air conditioners.


  • You can only control the smart AC from a Wifi area or hotspot.
  • It can be difficult sometimes to setup the right app, so you have to ensure the model you purchase works with your app.
  • It can raise the cost of the AC model because of the technology in the AC
  • Adding Smart/Wi-Fi technology to an air conditioner raises its cost


  • You will be able to manage your AC from anywhere. That’s pretty cool as you don’t need to be home.
  • You can save energy and money on your bill if programmed correctly.
  • You can see how much energy is being used by the AC and many other devices.
  • Your place will be just the temperature you wish when you get home.

How Does The Ambista Electric by Midea Stack Up?

The Ambista new smart home sytem and product
The Ambista Electric Features

Well, you have seen that it has a smart user sensor to detect when to it should turn on and off, saving energy and of course money. We have explained how this smart tech actually works here if you want to find out more.

I also like that it is very energy efficient, easy to install, and self cleaning. Self-cleaning alone saves a lot of money from the technicians coming to clean and will be of value to those with rental units.

Healthwise, having a combined super ionizer to fight away the colds, the dehumidifier to reduce mould and condensation and the bio filter to remove harmful  bacteria adds to the bonuses of this AC!

With the mobile apps you can  monitor energy efficiency and  improve programming. A BIG plus for cooler climes is the ambient heating and maintenance mode. The .5 degree temperature setting is also an energy and cost saver.

But of all the features, I love that it is easy to install  (and it is one of the few easy install ACs! ) The Amazon.co.uk offers an interesting price and feature comparison to help you decide if this is the unit for you. 

 Warranty- Consumer Rights

This smart home system AC is protected by the Amazon resturns policy and a 30 day right to withdraw from the purchase which is always a good way to protect yourself. They also have to respond to any queries in 2 days.

You are covered! I hope youenjoy this lovely “sweet deal”. And enjoy a comfortable summer!

Latest Ambista Deals and More Here!

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  1. Yes, climate change is going to make air conditioning more important. Planning how we are going to get through this individually and as a species is the smart thing to do.
    Midea being from China can be a big factor in purchasing major appliances, but the thing to remember is China has two different qualities, branded and unbranded. They are really coming up quickly and making a name for themselves. I think a lot of the major brands are also made in China, so looking at it from this perspective can be a money saver.

    1. I think your comment about the quality from China is very important. Their ISO companies; ones that are regulated and checked- these companies are worth using…not the other rip-off copy merchants which can be dangerous! Midea is regulated with high quality products. However there are similar American products such as Mr Cool or Kenmore…

      It was great to hear from you!

  2. I live in Malaysia and I can say I have hot weather all year round. The air conditioner is a big market in my country with so may brand competing with each other. I think this air conditioner that your promote could be the best one for your country. I hope the electricity bills won’t rise up like a jackpot when operating it non stop.

    1. Hi Kit… yup…in Barbados the AC causes high electricity bills!IN the UK it is less costly because energy is lower in cost. These new models are much better though and uses much less electricity…about 50% less.  And because they are fitted with sensors, they cut out when you leave and save even more power.

      Now there are solar powered air conditioners…too expensive still… but coming down in price. I can’t wait!

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