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Stronghaven – Affordable Houseplans

The Stronghaven home design is one of our affordable houseplans – a great family home plan with lower cost which can be built pretty much anywhere. Not only that, it is ideal as a rental as it is a 3 bed 1 bath that can be extended.

If you need a basic, starter, affordable houseplan for your family home this will work. It’s inexpensive as far as construction goes and yet very expandable for changes in the lifetime of a family. Most importantly this affordable houseplan has great resale value. (Most people don’t consider resale but it is all important so that you have future options for life changes!)

Served Up – The Stronghaven Affordable Houseplan Brief

This is what you get with this neat, efficient, flexible, affordable houseplan design.

Room Provided AmountSizes (metres)
Bedrooms33.4x 2.7 | 3.8 x 3.3 | 3.1 x 4.1
Bathrooms1.52.7 x 2.2
Living/Reception15.1 x 4.0
Kitchen-dining13.6x 2.1

Looking Good

Here’s what the basic small home plan looks like. Remember the plans shown are all amendable – we have actually created 3 versions of this small home design floorplan and have built 2 of them.

affordable house plan design Stronghaven 3 bed , 1 bath
Stronghaven original small home design plan.

You can see that this layout has no balcony or patio or even a full laundry. The entry stair is also uncovered. If you needed a bare bones small home design plan, this would be the floorplan to select as a starter home. the plan is on columns which provides a covered garage/work space under the house.

As time continues, you can double the size of your home without using anymore land by infilling the ground floor columns. Let me show you another version of the same plan which includes a ground floor laundry closet, garage and water tank.

Stronghaven verson of small home design plan
Stronghaven Variation

You can see that the variation to this affordable small house plan has included the following:

  • an extra ensuite bathroom
  • balcony and extra staircase
  • enclosed staircase with extra laundry closet
  • increased square footage to 1100 sq ft

The original elevation and look of the house is simple , basic but with the extension the house increases in looks!

With one of the variations ( as shown above) to the small home design foorplan, the house upgrades to new elevations as shown on the home design plan card.

Benefits Of This Affordable House Design

This affordable house design is a communal open plan and benefits from rooms opening into the living space. It workswell for families and for renting out because it is on one floor primarily and the layout is predominantly informal.

Being supported on columns adds the benefit of easy extension, especially if an enclosure houses the main staircase. The ground floor area can start as a garage but over time may be able to provide additional square footage.

Being on columns will provide additional security from burgary and heavy rain as well.

Covering the Cost of Construction – Make this an Affordable House!

Every country has different construction costs. Unfortunately, as building costs changes every 3 months or so as itemprices flutuate, it is unwise to list building costs here but we can easily send you a budget cost to get you started!

Contact us at liz@islandhomeplans.com if you have any queries about constructing or pricing the cost of this affordable houseplan design and we can send you a rough guide!

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