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Too Damn Hot [ A Cool Solution ]

When it gets too hot to bear you need a cool solution to survive the heat of the hottest summer days.

It seems that summers are getting hotter and hotter. We have a low cost enjoyable way to cool your gardens and you… down. Misting sprays are so effective that many theme parks use them to cool the thousands of guests entering the parks.

Installing a portable misting system is the way to go and we suggest the Deyard Patio Misting Cooling Micro Flow Watering System – 65.5 ft(20M) available on Amazon with free shipping. It is an Amazon Choice product in the US – (Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. )

What a Misting System Does For You

A misting spray system is a cool solution for your garden or BBQ event. By rigging up the PVC piping and nozzles and pushing water through, the fine mist will drop the temperatures around you and cool the baking heat.

When temperatures are very high (over 31 degrees), the misting sprays also evaporate in the heat adding to the cooling effect.

The Misting Cooling Solution – What You Get

Here’s what the kit provides.

  • 20 m (65.6 ft) UV resistant tubing, chemical resistant
  • 20 copper mist nozzles
  • 3/4″ tap connector
  • water filter
  • tube cutter
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Benefits of the Misting System Cool Solution For the Hot Summers

  • A perfect spray in width and force. Deyard uses professional quality drip hose made of UV-resistant materials, with resistance to chemicals.
  • High Adaptability – Filter mesh to prevent impurities from clogging, standard threaded joints + universal joints, adapt to various taps and the tight interface effectively prevent water leakage.
  • Save Water & Money – Tap water spray is used as the cooling solution down directly. No electricity or energy consumption. Saves up to 70% more water over traditional spray heads. Precision drip watering system is engineered.
  • Wide Application – Deyard automatic irrigation kit is suitable for any place you want, such as the garden, agriculture, lawn, greenhouse.
  • Easy Installation – Simple installation without digging or plumbing skills.

Easy Installation of Deyard Misting Cooling Solution

Check Out the Video Here

Reviews For the Easy Install, Low Energy Mister Cooling Solution

packaging for a cool solution to the heat

Kadie (Amazon reviewer)

5.0 out of 5 stars

Bring it, Vegas heat! We’ve got amazing misters now!July 12, 2019Size: Upgraded 32.8FT(10M)

Verified PurchaseThis Vegas heat is BRUTAL but we like having weekly bbq’s with friends and family so I ordered this to see if it could help cool us down a bit. Well…. Omg…. Its soooo nice! It cools down our garage and front of our house so much!! Its truly been a game changer! I wish I would’ve ordered these sooner. We put these together in about 5, maybe 10 minutes. Super easy and we loved that there was a long line and we were able to put the misters as far apart or as close together as we chose. We live in an HOA community so we aren’t allowed to keep them up ? so we just strung them through the garage door handle and to either side of the garage door for every event we’ve had and then when the event is over, we just disconnect it and roll them up til next time! We’ve temporarily attached them to an easy up shade cover and that was awesome too. Super easy, super cooling, worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

This cooling solution will work. It isn’t an Amazon Choice item if it did not produce for others! it’s ease of installation makes the misting highly portable too. Try one today and beat the heat!

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