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Topaz – A Tropical House Design

This modern tropical house design is part of the courtyard family of house plan designs. It can designed with a shorter, more square shape footprint or be extended with an apartment for AirBnb rentals or extended family members

The house plan design image below shows the house extended with a single storey apartment or granny flat.

Tropical House Design Plan Description

The basic floor plans, upstairs and down, add up to around 2600 sq ft with 3 large bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Bedrooms are located on the upper floor with the master suite and bathroom although there is a ground floor study/library which doubles as a bedroom if desired. To move between the two floors is an elegant circular staircase protected by a rotunda punctured with thin vertical windows. The staircase is the pivot of this modern home.

Ground Floor Topaz
Ground Floor Plan

This original version of the Topaz house design shows the stairwell opening to the courtyard with the main formal entrance to the house being designed for tropical living.

The design enters through a full storey guard wall with a gate into a pergola covered, tiled, semi-outdoor area which looks onto the courtyard. To the left is the garage with the roof terrace.

Topaz First Floor
First Floor Layout Topaz

Upstairs, the 3 bedrooms are located around the pivotal stair, creating two private wings and spacious bedrooms with Hispanic Romeo and Juliet balconies.

Privacy and Shade

Courtyard spaces are useful areas when living in the tropics, once designed well. You don’t want a dark muddy space place full of bugs! So it’s important to make the courtyard big enough to be a pleasant place to have alfresco dining with a few friends but small enough that the space doesn’t feel like deserted landing – too hot to use.

Normally at least 12 -14 ft width ( 3600mm- 4000mm) will work well for courtyards and the length?….well, that’s up to you!

topaz courtyard
Topaz Courtyard

The Way We Like to Flex

We believe at Islandhomeplans that we should be able to be flexible so all our tropical house designs – if fact- ALL house plans  can be reworked and amended for you. For example:

  • This Topaz design can switch living and kitchen spaces.
  • The garage can be converted into a guest suite/pool house.
  • The rotunda can be built without the entry door.
  • The library can become an additional bedroom or office.


Topaz – Elegance and Class

Even though this modern tropical house design plan delivers the elegance of contemporary living, it has the appearance of a Hispanic courtyard home with its high security walls and internal garden area.

Its ideal for urban spaces and even beach properties, protecting from the busy streets yet opening to quiet gardens.

The design is also ideal for cold weather climates as the courtyard acts as a heat sink for the home, protecting from the elements on the exterior.

Talking Money Now

As of the date of this post the house would cost in the ballpark of US$400,000 in an island like Barbados or around US$350,000 in the UK, depending on where you live. If you are familiar with building costs in your region, write in and give us your ball park estimations! Of course finishes and details affect detailed costings.

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Airbnb Hosting

Family playing on a Beach on Holiday
Earn Extra Income Airbnb

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Just One Houseplan Design

A Dual Occupancy House Design Plan[/caption]

The Topaz design is just one of our built houseplans. You can check out others under our Plans section on the website. Our qualified team of architects provides online design services to help you build your new dream home.

Feel free drop us a line or ask a few questions (- check out our privacy policy about your data!) – about your dream home, either online or privately or via twitter, Facebook Instagram or Google plus. We would love to help!

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